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NIGERIANS: A Clarion Call To Wake Up From Slavery And Comfort Zones by COMRADE OLUSOLA EZEKIEL

( clarion call to wake up from our slavery/comfort zones)

For how long have we read this Yoruba version last in our primary schools and secondary schools?
Alas! We have lost values and norms in our basic education in Nigeria. Gone are those days we value our mother tongue to teach our wards. I remember vividly growing up that our headteachers, headmistresses mandated assembly moderators to ensure we are taught this Yoruba version in classes even before we begin class periods after assembly. We were mandated to recite this anthem and pledge, we were taught moral values of the words of the NAIJA anthem and pledge, taught how societal growth should be carried out when we relate with ourselves. The words of the anthem built fear in us both in school, home and the communities within the broad societal Nigeria.

What a shame! what a disdainful movement from great, dynamic, respectful regionalism to federal slavery of Civil democratic. Some of the leading top managers in Nigeria political circle today enjoyed the regional goodies established, maintained and monitored by the Nigeria Nationalists and independent achievers prior 1960 independent constitution and Republican constitutional review in which the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Nnamdi Azikwe and Sir Ahmadu Bello and their Regional Political allies, policy makers and decision makers. Nigeria languages was valuable, important and very pivotal in the basic schools both primary and secondary education. I remember my Dad told me there was only one standard school then that government really funded with finances and qualifies personnel’s even foreigners ( Britons and Ghanaians),they were drilled in modern standard schools and today the difference is quite very clear, I could see the difference in speech making between us now and they then; my uncles Engr. Israel Oluwole Megbowon, Hon. Lolade Megbowon, My dad himself and some of our village Elders taught me after schools in the language I understood. My mum a trained mother, teacher taught me after school than what I learnt in class. In reality where did we lost it oh Great Nigeria? I believe in value and culture which we have lost and this has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into Nigeria political circle. They no longer have interest in culture and tradition which has made them turn deaf ears to the interests of the masses and citizens at large.

However, it is not as if they don’t know it, they just decided intentionally to jettison the call for made in Nigeria cultural valuables. They adopted European self-propelled guidelines that the British used in enslaving us. Like one of my favorite lecturers usually say ( Barr O.A.E Erinfolami) that Africans especially NIGERIANS are copycats. So our politicians lack moral values thus, they have erred the God and the gods. Their judgement and doom is very near and when that comes the destiny of the modern generation they have shattered, roaming about the streets shall ask them and judge them accordingly. They will beg this generation and we will not listen to them, we will stone them to death and they will die miserably. They will suffer through their skin, blood and water. They will not be able to save their lineage from the doom that shall befall them. They will look back and
curse the days they decided to turn against the fortunes of this generation and their betterment. In my opinions, the policy MOCKERS, the decision MANIPULATORS shall be struck with the Egyptian Curses and diseases when they decided to hold on to the Israelites in slavery. This generation are ISREALIC in nature held by Political Egyptians in our own land and they shall be struck with the Egyptians doom if they won’t repent and return to basics and let us eat the good of our land.

Hear O yee bourgeoisies, the proletarians are aggrieved, we are bittered, we are pained in our innermost minds and so we roll out in angers to destroy and break your tentacles and destroy your tents. We declare your barns spoilt, your wealth eaten by cankerworms and caterpillars, termites and parasites. In deed your flocks shall be destroyed by bears, Leopards and foxes. We will rise from this enslavements. The supreme being himself will look down, listen and hear our cry, he will send the Arc-angels and the hosts of war to ambush fight our battle because we can’t fight it by ourselves. Hear O yee Autocrats and democratic dictators; you have bitten more than you can chew, the Lord of war shall rise and murder your soldiers and battalions in cold blood. We have suffered enough and we our cry and weeping has reached him in his throne. NIGERIA and NIGERIANS shall be freed from your bondages. The chains and veils is utmost removed and destroyed and will never come together again.





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Naijavoice (born Onabanjo Toheeb Omotoyosi; 8th June) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and a part-time Actor. He is best known for his blog.


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