How To Talk To a Woman and Keep Her Attracted, with words and Action (For All Men!!!)


How To Talk To a Woman and Keep Her Attracted, with words and Action (Must See for All Men!!!)

In a situation by which you are crushing on a girl that you are not quite sure how she feels about you too can be very tricky and at certain times awkward, so how to break the ice, keep her near and interested is your free ticket to letting her realize that there is so much more to you than what she might already know.

Here are 10 tips on how to talk to a lady and keep her attracted:

Get Emotional

How To Talk To a Woman and Keep Her Attracted. Start up an emotional topic; it can be your childhood memories, future plans or even things that you like. This opens up a conduit of unlimited discussions and surely is an interesting topic when a girl starts to get to know a man she knows is attracted to her.

Recognize Yourself

Ladies cherish when a man gets very close, it is like a trust loop that starts circling around them. Try not to be afraid to share your pet peeves or most hated traits you have. If she likes you enough she will manage to see past them and maybe help you better them later on.

Try not to Get In The Friend Zone

Being shy is a major down fall, because we cant see through your shyness that much. The messages that get transmitted are continually rotating around you maybe only wanting to stay in the friend zone. If you’re looking for than friendship make sure to give sexy witty remarks to make her realize it’s more than just friends.

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Try not to Engage Your Hand

As much as men acknowledge “Hard to get ladies”, so do ladies acknowledge “Hard to get men”. Try not to hold her hand on the first date;it will keep them coming back for more. Women would be interested to see if this will be a step you take on the second date or not. Its exciting.

Lead the Way

Regardless of how free a lady is, the point at which a man leads the way in anything it is bonus turn on for her. Begin the discussion and make a point to continue holding one; you don’t have to wait in awkward silence until she bursts out a topic for you to engage in.

Verbal Attention

At the point when a lady is telling you a story don’t just nod and keep on an interested face, they can absolutely feel the disconnection and you will be tested in indirect ways. If you fail then make sure your chances with her are doomed for life.

Watch Her

In the wake of spending a couple of hours talking to your soon to be lady, you will automatically gather enough information to decided what her personality is all about. Compliment her on specific characteristics you find attracting. Ladies love to hear great things about themselves. Sad but true.

Don’t Over Compliment

How To Talk To a Woman and Keep Her Attracted. When we say they want to hear great things about themselves we don’t mean going all freak and perv. Stir away from words like “I see the future in your eyes” or “Your smile can melt a thousand men hearts”. They already know that about themselves, no need to spoil it for them.

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Don’t interview her

On the off chance that you run out of fun questions to ask, don’t go all detective on them. Experiment with an alternate technique to keep the discussion flow exciting. State your opinion about something and watch her give you a conversation you never thought will break through. They love to be mind teased.

Revive the mood

The possibility of running out of topics and things that interest both of you is genuinely high. Begin playing games like “Truth or dare” or “Never have I ever”.As the questions go the level of sharing will escalate to find yourself getting to know things you never thought you would before the fifth date.

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