FRESHGBEDU CEO ‘Comrade Onyeme Chinedu Aka Mc Sirchibaba’ Has A Word For All Young Hustlers Striving To Become Great


Hello young hustlers,

I have a word for you all but before we proceed, permit me to explain the word “Hustler“.

The word “Hustler” has been widely linked to negative activities and fraudulent acts. Sincerely, Hustler means young mind striving to make ends meet and live a better life. You get now? ?

Now, let’s get down to the real deal.

This life has a a process called “Stage” and sometimes, young minds striving to become great in life tends to get frustrated/oppressed when they see people ‘whether younger or older” doing better than them without thinking of how long and the sacrifices the person has invested into his/her business to get to where it is today.

You must be willing to start small… Those boys you see pushing Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Porshe and many other expensive cars started with cars like Toyota Pencil, Honda EOD, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Honda Baby Boy and the likes.

Those guys you see living in a Mansion, they started from Face me I slap you, Self Contain, 2 Bed-room Flat and later move into their own Mansion.

Start small and Dream Big ?

Don’t get Frustrated – Take it one step at a time. You don’t know them when they were still struggling to become somebody. You only knew or notice them when their trees started bearing fruits.

When I started Naijaloaded and my other businesses and was still praying to God to bless my Hustle, I sometimes get worried when I see young boys/men driving big cars and doing something amazing but I never get frustrated.

Most times, I go back home feeling down and bittered asking God when my own blessings will come ?? … but I never thought of giving up.

Once I get home, I sit in front of my Laptop and work like it’s gonna be my last day on Earth. Sincerely speaking, am living far better than I prayed for now and I know God will do same for everyone of you striving to become great.

Stop asking yourself this kind of questions ?

* When will I blow and become great in Life?

* Can my hustle/business fetch me enough money to buy this kind of Car or build this kind of a House?

No dream is too big not matter how small your Salary or Income is – If God wants it to happen, it will happen surprisingly and better than you expected. You just need to do your own part well by working hard and praying continuously.

I remember when I was driving my Honda EOD, I was saving seriously to get a Toyota Camry and then God in his mercy blessed me with a Venza and later to a Mercedes Benz and then many other lovely rides now.

Just keep moving! I have friends who started doing amazing things before me. I never felt bad then because I know everyone has his/her own time to flourish but God in his infinite mercy bestow upon me something more bigger than theirs..

Am not saying this to show off but to let you know that just because someone started doing something great or started making money before you means that person will be richer than you. Be happy for those God bless today because yours is coming tomorrow and might be bigger than theirs.

God bless only those who are truly happy for others when they achieve something great. Don’t feel pained, don’t feel bad, don’t feel bitter – Yours is Coming bigger pretty soon!

We all will get to the Promise Land sooner than we pray for and also make our Parents proud forever ?

Stay Humble no matter how fat your Bank Account is.

Your Life savings is someone else’s Breakfast budget – Stay f*cking loyal.

Stay afloat you all.

I will be doing more of this Advice post come 20120 to ginger young boys striving to live a better life.

God bless you all ?

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