Zarfund Nigeria Login – Zarfund Nigeria Registration

Zarfund Nigeria Login – Zarfund Nigeria Registration

So many persons have been talking about the scare in mmm Nigeria. But I want to share a testimony with you of a friend who joined mmm Nigeria. Here is the story.

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For those who may not find mmm Nigeria or icharity Nigeria or Ultimate Cycler Nigeria appealing, can try Zarfund Nigeria login page out. For me, this is one of the surest and best member to member business module. If you have not started, you are missing a big real deal.

Zarfund Introduction

There are basically few requirements that are needed to make money from Zarfund in Nigeria.

We shall list them out.

1.You will be required to have a Bitcoin Wallet.

  1. You will need an Internet connected device ( PC with modem, or smartphone)
  2. You will also need to have a 0.03 Bitcoins (about $20, roughly under #10,000 due to the unpredictable nature of the falling Naira)
  3. You should have a Zarfund Account ( through the right team)

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Bitcoin Wallet and and how to fund it

The Zarfund system usually advises people to own a Blockchain Wallet. The reason is that it is usually easy to verify that donations have been sent or received in a short time frame with Blockchain.

For those who already have a Blockchain Wallt there will be no need to open another blockchain account. But if you don’t have a Blockchain account, you should visit their website and open one. Please also take Note that it is very important to have a Bitcoin wallet account, and ensure that you have funded it with about 0.031 Bitcoins (to cover the transaction fee also) before proceeding to join Zarfund as described below.

Now you must note that you need to upgrade to Level 1, i.e make your first donation of exactly 0.03 Bitcoin in 24 hrs after joining, else your Zarfund account will be deleted from the system that’s the truth.

There are some little technically that are involved. You can always reach me via my email at or via the comment box. For starters, You will need a E-Currency Exchanger in Nigeria which will enable you fund your Bitcoin wallet.

How To Open A Blockchain Wallet.

  1. Visit the Zarfund login site and Click on to begin Registration

Open Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet

  1. You are to click on Create Your Wallet. For me, I would advise that you use Google chrome.

3.Now you can Sign up by filling in your details on the spaces provided.

  1. When you are done Signing Up, you are to Check your email for Welcome Message.
  2. On the email sent to you, you will Click on the Verification link sent to your provided email address to verify your account.

6.Your wallet identifier is all together sent to you in that same email. And that is your member ID/Wallet ID. You are to Copy it and keep it safe( advisably in a notepad on the desktop your computer), you will always need it to login into your Blockchain account alongside your password.

7.Now you can Login into your Blockchain Account.

  1. On your Dashboard, you will see “Start Receiving Bitcoin”. Ensure you Click on it. When you have clicked on it, It will reveal something like this 3QJmV3qfvL9SuYo34YihAf3sRCW3qSinyC. That will be your your Bitcoin address.

You are to Copy and save it. That’s what you are to fill into the required space on Instant Gold Website, as we will see later. It is also what you will need to receive donations on Zarfund’s website.

How To Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet with Instant Gold

  1. You are to Start Registration by going to Instant Gold website here
  2. When you are done with your Registration, login and click on “My Bank & E-currencies”
  3. At this point, you are Fill in Your bank details and your bitcoin address. Don’t forget to login to your Blockchain and click “receive, the code that shows is your Bitcoin address, copy and paste it on the space where it says “Bitcoin Address” on Instant Gold, as shown below. After you have done this, click on update details.
  4. You are to enter the exact amount of dollar you want to buy in the space which will be provided. After which, you are to click on the account you want to fund. In our case, you will click on “Fund Bitcoin Account.”
  5. Select your preferred method of payment.

How to pay into instant gold account in Nigeria

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Interested applicants are required to choose the bank they would want to pay into, then proceed to payment.

Please note this important information a friend shared with me. “Verify that everything is correct before you proceed. Please NOTE the account they instructed you to pay into, as they have stopped using some of their account numbers, like as at last week, they no longer use Access and Diamond Banks accounts. Also, if you are paying into their bank account using Bank teller, use the ref number of of the transaction, as opposed to your names. This is to prevent any delay in funding your Bitcoin Wallet.It is there on the instructions given to you, make sure you follow them.”

instant gold Nigeria

After Instant Gold have confirmed that you have paid,, your Bitcoin wallet will be credited within 48 hours.

How To Fund With Naira4dollar account

  1. Applicants are to Log in into your Naira4dollar account, if you don’t have one, register here
  2. When you are done with your registration, Login and Click on Buy.
  3. You are to fill in the form that will be shown to you. Ensure you buy up to 0.031 Bitcoins, to cover the transaction fee of Blockchain.

funding Bitcoin wallet with naira4dollar

naira4dollar account

naira4dollar e-currency exchanger

  1. Make payment into their bank account. Follow the instruction given to you. It is nothing bogus, normal stuff.

Joining Zarfund

Joining Zarfund is pretty easy. After you have Bitcoin ready in your Blockchain wallet, you are ready to join. It is IMPORTANT at this Juncture to stress the importance of JOINING THE RIGHT TEAM. Zarfund is a teamwork, working alone or with an obscure team will get you nowhere. You need to join through a team with solid game plan so that more members will join, which in return means spillovers for downlines and quick progress through the Zarfund ranks.

What To Look For in A Team Before Joining

As Zarfund is basically based online, most of the networking and sourcing for new members will be done online. Therefore any serious team must have a strong internet presence. Zarfund Nigeria Team Alpha is such a team. It is manned by men who mean business, who are experienced in network building and internet marketing.

As you know, Facebook is the biggest social media in the world with lots of vibrant youths logining in everyday, hence a serious minded team should have a presence on Facebook. Zarfund Nigeria Team Alpha has a well built and managed Facebook Page with over 1500 likes achieved by aggressive paid Facebook ads. What that should tell you is that those who have liked the page are those who are interested in Zarfund already. Like the page and also invite your friends to do the same.

Plans are underway too to launch google ads campaign so that those who searched for Zarfund in Nigeria will have Zarfund Nigeria Team Alpha information right before their faces.

Local Seminars are also being held regularly. There is also a Whatsapp group.

Join Zarfund today through #TeamAlpha and enjoy massive spillover due to the hard work of the team’s admin, and see yourself progress rapidly to the finish line of 164 Bitcoins!

Click here to join Zarfund today and experience financial freedom in this recession…

Zarfund Registration

How to open zarfund account

Zarfund account sign up

Zarfund upgrade

Zarfund upgrade instruction

Upgrading within 24 hours of your Zarfund account will be deleted immediately you registered is very important.

Zarfund Nigeria Login – Zarfund Nigeria Registration

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