Yahoo mail Plus : Yahoo Mail that lets you insert Images.

Many must have heard of google plus, but today i will be talking exclusively on this new one called Yahoomail plus which the webmail giant called have introduced to her customers for them to be able to insert some wonderful and awesome images and files in a dynamic and unique manner. So for those who do have the yahoomail, at the compose section, they can now be able to add up their images, videos and animated GIFs into your already composed messages before sending it.
How Does The New Yahoomail Plus plus (+) Button Works?yahoo

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This amazing yahoo mail plus (+) button comes handy and the unique feature to save time. This will be if you could effectively understand how it works. The Yahoo mail plus (+) button as it where, is located at the compose area of your yahoomail. When you click the button menu, it launches a panel opens on the right side of the window displaying four different content types, photos, files GIFs and also web link.

One of the best unique feature which people love about this The Yahoo mail plus (+) button, is that  it has the ability to send and to receive media files with ease and sorted by date. For those who will wish to search for photos, can use either flicker or web search.

Some people will tell you that they love about the The Yahoo mail plus (+) button, is the previews display of GIFs images when they will hover my mouse pass the list of their photo. It also has search suugestions for GIFs on the platform.

The Yahoo mail plus (+) button allows links to display a preview of the image that is located in the. This is what i mean.when you are sent a message that contains a specific location. So when you hover your mouse pass the links, then you can view the previews of those destinations. Is this not amazing.

This is what people have to say about The Yahoo mail plus (+) button. Some say it is expansive, some say it is pretty and very innovative. Some say it is sporting and creative

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