www.Whatsapp.com Download Whatsap Messenger

www.Whatsapp.com Download Whatsap Messenger
www.Whatsapp.com I believe this amazing social network dont need introduction. Whatsapp is probably one of the fastest growing social media network in the world. Well this amazing messenger app is very much available ti both android phones, Nokia phones be Symbian and Java phones, Blackberry phones etc.
With the whatsapp messenger app, it very possible for Symbian phones to ping any kind of window or android phones so long that phone have downloaded the app.
IN THIS ARTICLE, I WILL BE SHARING WITH YOU the amazing features and how to download whatsapp application on your mobile device.

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It should be noted that the whatsapp app works not for free. It uses either airtime or internet bundle. So if you have internet bundle like that of either MTN or GLO you can then ping your friends.
The whatsapp messenger enables you to send messages, videos and pictures. Infact this has been the best place i do send pictures to my loved ones across the globe. It is fast and very easy so long there is adequate network services were you are. It is also worthy of note to you no that you can make free calls from whatsapp messenger application.
Well for those who are interested in signing up on this amazing messenger app called www.whatsapp.com, you should also note that you can crfeate group chat. This process, means that you can create group chat for you and your friends, colleagues, relations or religion group. In www.whatsapp.com, you are permitted to send messages accross towns, countries and continents without no extra charges. What i mean is that there is no international charges at all.
Another amazing features that the www.whatsapp.com messenger app has is that it automatically puts you online with your phones contacts who already have whatsapp installed in their device. That means that you do not have any stressful business looking or searching for their user names or whatsapp names. This is because www.whatsapp.com helps you by showing you their contacts so long they have whatsapp messenger app installed in ther phone devices.
The most amazing feature and reason why whatsapp is the best messenger app to millions is that you dont need to login to start chatting or pinging your contacts. As far your data subscription is on, contacts using the www.whatsapp.com messenger app will always no if you are offline or online.
1. you must first visit the official website of www.whatsapp.com. This you can do through your PC, android phone or blackberry.
You can either sign up and download or you download and signup.
After this, you will be redirected back to the downloading page. That’s all that is needed to download the whatsapp messenger application. It is this simple my friends.