www.wechat.com – How To Login To Wechat Account

 Today I will sharing with us how we can login into our www.wechat.com account. And how we can also download the wechat application on our PC.
But I must confess to my shock recently inquiry of knowing that many people do not know of what the Wechat application or what Wechat is all about. Recently I was carrying out a little survey in my neigbourhood to ascertain what people knows about www.wechat.com. To my greatest shock, many only have heard of it but do not have an account on it.wechat
So with this background, I will sharing with us some of th “specs” of the wechat social media.  Wechat though many still believe it has similar features like whatsapp is actually little different from whatsapp application is. Wechat unlike wechat, has the ability to link you with other social media. The wechat application supports what we call social network integration. This means that you link WeChat account to your Facebook, twitter account etc. Remember that  facebook don’t support facebook for desktop. But this is were WeChat Mewssenger comes in because it can serve for that now.

How To Start A Conversation on  WeChat Messenger.

Please, this section we are about entering is for those that already have an account with www.wechat.com. So please if you do not have an account with the social media company, you surely cannot use this services.
So for those who who are interested in signing up or having an account with www.wechat.com, should click here and get registered.

1. You must first Login to your WeChat.com Messenger account

 2. Go to the “Contacts” section or better still tab were you will find contacts and friends.

 3. At this point, you are to choose the contact person or friend you want to have a chat with  and simply click.

 4. Its not over yet o. You must  Click the person symbol on the top-right of the screen of your PC.

 5. On the persons profile, you are to slide “Always on Top” from “Off”to“On”. This is make you visible.

The Different Between  WeChat And WhatsApp?

1. One of the obvious different between the two social media outlet is that WeChat App currently  works on any kind of PC, but whatsapp do not do that. It only works on selected PCs.

2. Like I made mention before, WeChat app supports social network integration. Which means you can integrate or link your wechat account to  your Facebook account.

3. It has been researched and confirmed that the WeChat messenger works on any mobile devices Faster than the whasapp messenger  during chating.

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