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 So many people I have come across still at this level of technology have told me that they don’t no much about social media outlet available. Anyway I won’t really focus blame on anyone rather I will just try and fix this problem. Today I will be sharing with us what wechat as a social media is, what it can help to create, and how you can possibly sign up your own wechat account on www.wechat.com.
For those who might be seeing this for the first time or must have heard this before now and are interested in joining millions of people on this incredible social media platform and wish to know all about the wechat group,  WeChat is a social media  application which sure allows its users  to easily connect with people around the globe. It doesn’t really matter where you find yourself, what matters is that wechat have the ability to hook you up with millions of people, be them your friends, colleagues emplyees etc around the world.wechat

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The wechat  app has more than enough features for your pleasure. These features includes  amongst others free texting, free calls with your family members and friends. The wechat app also have a unique feature which I think has made it stood out amongt the crowd, that is, It offers video messages which is  totally free of charge (FOC) no annual subscription fee attached.

Another feature you will surely enjoy is that, you can create different groups for your friends, add them and enjoy whatever purpose it was meant for.
With the wechat app, you can easily share your life fun moments with your friends through Facebook and twitter.
Wechat app is very interesting in the sense that as a registered member, you can find many people who lives around you by just being a member. This means that you can also share your QR code , Chat history backup , Stickers gallery.
From a wechat expert, he said that persons nearby and Walkie Talkie are the hottest feature of WeChat. Remember we have made mentioned that the wechat app is available for more than one purpose. It is very much available for multi platforms like Apple store , Google Playstore , Windows app store , Nokia and Blackberry.
WeChat app supports social network integration. Which means you can integrate or link your wechat account to  your Facebook account.
Wechat app can be installed on your Desktop PC.
In my next edition, I will be showing us how to install WeChat application on your android device.

steps to Login to WeChat Account  At www.wechat.com

For those using Android phones, BBM, etc, you must first need to open your Google Playstore. After this, you are to search for WeChat. When found, then Download it and install it in your mobile device.

After you must have installed it, on your first launching wechat will ask you in a written format to create a shortcut on your mobile device. This is where you will be asked after you have created a shortcut for signup and login.

Please note this,  If you already  have an account on WeChat then all you have to do is to click the Login button and enter your information and now you are ready for WeChat.
But for those who do not have and are interested in having a WeChat accoun then you are expected  to register your account for it.
Now registering wechat is as simple as anything. The
Process is very simple , all you have to do is to enter your name , your region will automatically be selected depend on your location , enter your
phone number , password and select the signup button , now let this be kept in your mind when clicking on the
Signup button you have agreed with the term and conditions.

After filling up the form, you are to click the signup button,like I told you before,  when clicking the signup button you
have  accepted the terms and condition of WeChat.
In the next window it will confirm your phone number and this is just about it. You are finished with your registration.

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