www.Wapday.com – Wapday Games, Download

www.Wapday.com – Wapday Games, Download

Wallpapers and theme – For knowledge sake, the Wapday wallpaper theme platform, has been around for a while. Today, i will be telling you all you need to know.  Some days ago, I wrote an article about www.Waptrick.com on one of my other blogs. So today i have decided that I’ll be writing on www.wapday.com which  is a unique site with great similarities or better still unique resemblance to Waptrick and Waphan. When i wrote a post on www.waptrick.com, a lot of people have been asking that i write a basic tutor on Wapday for easy accessibility.

And should incase you are not quit familiar with the web 2.0, Wapday.com is a free downloading webpage that will give you access to categories and features which include free themes, free video downloads, music, wallpapers amongst other great items you crave for.

The www.wapday.com like I have earlier discussed before now is a mobile friendly webpage that automatically detects your device and streamline only downloadable contents that is compatible with your device. This is unlike other mobile centered webpages that you may know. The wapday had a whole loads of applications, games, wallpapers and themes that are updated on a daily basis. You may be wondering what exactly is this guy talking about, well am talking about a new and amazing features that are been added on a daily basis which makes the platform stands out amongst other webpages.


MUSIC – Under the music category or feature as you may well know, you have the ability to access abd download top music releases from top artists in Africa and around the globe.  When music are released, i mean fresh music are released daily and as such, it might be difficult keeping up with the latest trends.  But being a registered member on wapday.com, you get to know and be able to download the latest trending songs and have the opportunity to download them to your smartphones. WALLPAPERS – On wapday.com, you get to download 3D Wallpapers or just plain wallpapers that are compatible with your smartphones. The beauty of these wallpapers on wapday is that, you can select from multiple designs and patterns as suits your taste.

GAMES – Features or category of Games makes your iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Samsung and or Tecno Phones come alive. So on this downloading platform, you get to download multiple games as long as you have data megabit on your device. And it is very possible for you to download unlimited games from different categories ranging from action, war, versus, car race, bike
race, etc.

THEMES – Just like the wallpaper category, under the nwapday themes, you get to download theme files that will be compatible with your smart phones. Here, any theme displayed through your default browser will surely be compatible with your device irrespective of the features.


For all who think the ww.wapday.com is very hard to access, that’s a fat lie. Downloading wapday is easily accessed by all, downloading on www.wapday.com is quite easy.

Firstly, You are to visit www.wapday.com using your device default browser. This will enable the webpage to automatically detect your phone browser and customize all files for your device.

 Secondly, You have to scroll through the categories as listed above and to the desired ones you feel your item could be (e.g Music, Videos, MP3, Wallpapers, etc)

 Thirdly, select the file needed

 Fourthly, download your choice file as desired.

 This is how you can download files on wapday.com. Simple like that.