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Many have viewed www.viber.com as the most downloaded social messenger application across the globe. Well I do not know how true that could be.
Viber as it were is a free Voip social service which has the capability to provide its users unlimited calls and short messages to other viber users across the globe. So when you want to consider a social messenger that offers free audio messenger application, then consider www.viber.com.

I will be teaching us shortly on how to download and register your viber account and join over 2 million users across the globe who are currently enjoying the services.

www.viber.com sure gives its users a very quality video and audio services that is second to none.

Below are the simple steps on how to register a viber account.
1. First of all you must know that viber is a multi-platform application which can be used either Android phones, iOS devices, BlackBerry phones, windows mobile devices etc.

2. Now you know what kind of device that supports viber messenger application. Now, you have to  download the Viber through the Google Playstore,  for those who uses Android phones.
please make sure you install the app and then  open it.

3. Your device will ask you if you want to launch the app, you will have to launch the viber application. When that is done, you will be shown a welcome screen for the first time. Make sure read whatever  the page shows you carefully. Because, that will be your guide. After this have been done, you are expected to click “continue” button.

4. This is not like other social messenger application where you can use your email as your ID. On www.viber.com, Your ID profile has to be your number. That means you will be needing your phone number to verify your new Viber account.   so therefore you will enter your mobile device number for your viber account confirmation.

After you must have entered your phone number, viber server will send you a confirmation verification code. This code will be sent to your phone number.

At this stage, you will be required to fill in the code sent to you into the given fields that will be displayed on the page.

5. After you are through with the number confirmation verification process, then it means your Viber
account has been successfully registered.
You no viber like whatsapp, will automatically sync your phone contacts and notify everyone on your contact link who are active or registered  Viber user..

If you want to open a conversation with a friend, you can just open persons viber account profile  and you will surely  see the “last time seen” update and then you can begin  your own conversation with him.

For those who wish to hide their last seen status and don’t people to notice theast time they were on board, all they need do is just to set the privacy for your profile by hiding your last seen status.

For many viber subscribers, the Wi-Fi sleep policy option, is the  best www.viber.com feature because it will sure save your battery.

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