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www.skype.com – Many may have been wondering whats the need having a social messenger app or the need having a skpe account? Well if you are in that category, then you are alone. I have once felt that way. But you should not forget that keeping hold on communicating with your love ones despite the distance is as good as anything. I have come to realize that if not for social media messenger like the whatsapp Messenger App, WeChat Messenger app, Eskimi messenger app, it would have been extremely hard for me to keep track or keep tabs on my loved ones who are afar off.skype

Now skpe messenger outlet is not just a messenger app like its counterpart like the 2go, wechat or whatsapp messenger app. But rather a more advanced one. This is say because with skpe, you can visibly see your loves ones, friends, colleagues or anyone live while you talk with them.

Now i know you will probably be excited to now to start the registration process and download skype on your device. But you must wait and read up the various process involved in downloading the skype app.

Now i will be sincere with you on this findings.” There are other sites owned by the Sype group which is essentially used for other services.
The official website to download this wonderful application is www.skype.com. That’s all.

Lets take out time to really discuss some of the features you will be enjoying as a registered member of the sype group,

One and if not the best feature on sype, is the video calls it offers. On www.skype.com, you are rest assured of a quality video calls to your loved ones, friends, colleagues etc.
Did i skip this one? Nahh. I did not. Its the group video call available to prospective users. On www.skype.com, customers can make gropu video calls to family members, friends, colleagus etc, and distance has never been a barrier. In fact this video calls have been my favourite. It enables me to hold meeting and seminars with my employees while am not with them.

Contrary to what people will tell you about the skype application, you can make calls on www.skype.com whether it is on landline or your mobile phones.

Now you want to know what phone device supports the skype application, then i will tell you.
Android phones, Blackberry phones, iphones, windows phones and finally you laptop or PC device are all eligible for downloading of skype.

Skype have also made it possible for OSX users, windows 10 users to have access to downloading the app. This i believe is a great one. Because with this, you can engage in Video calls, conference calls, video chats and lots more. By downloading the app, you will get to see other benefits of www.skype.com

                                         DOWNLOAD SKYPE APPLICATION

If you have found this wonderful app so interesting, and you want to download it, then its important you follow these simple steps i will be revealing to you.
Download Skype Messenger
If you have any of the aforementioned phone devices, then it is very simple to download.
The first and most important thing to do is to log unto the official website of the app at www.skype.com

To download skype is very easy, log onto
www.skype.com to download skype on your Pc. it is very important that  you choose your Operational System OS and
Please note that downloading skype from www.skype.com its totally free with no charges attached or attracted.

Download Skype On Android Phones.

For those people who wish or are interested in download skype on their Android Mobile Phone Device, all they need to do is to go to their google play store on their device and type in the word “SKYPE” and It will appear and then you can download,

Download Skype application On iPhone

For iPhone users who are interested in downloading Skype on their iPhone, what is required of you is to download skype app  from your Apple store located on your iPhone.

DownloadSkype application On Blackberry Phones.

For blackberry users, it simple. All you need do, visit your Blackberry App world on your blackberry phone and type the app name “Skpe” and it will automatically show on your screen. Then click on the download button.

Download Skype application On Windows Phone.

For Windows mobile phone users, they can  download skype by visiting their Window Market Place.

Some of the advantages you stand to enjoy is that on www.skype.com is that you  can  purchase airtime and make calls, you can also send instant messages at a very much lower  low rate than any other social messenger app.

Like I have shared with before, on www.skype.com, you can not only make calls
and send messages alone, you have the accessibility to make video chats, group
chats, voice chats, voice messages which you could record and send at anytime you wish to as many people you would like to. The benefits of  having skype app on your mobile device are too numerous to mention a few.

Now the door is open. Create a skype account for yourself today and download the Skype app messenger on your mobile device and start enjoying skyping with your family, friends and and colleagues no matter where they are located.

Hope you have not forgotten that all we have been talking about has been the Features of Skype, benefits and how it can be downloaded on your different mobile phones like the Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phone.
So now, we will be talking on how can sign up on the Skype social messenger.

Shortly I will be given you a simple step to step guide on how you can easily sign up and have an account with skype.
Below are the step to step guide on how you can sign up skype account.

1. You must first and most importantly Log onto www.skype.com.

 2. And when you have done this, you are expected to “click sign in”

 3. Please note that on the sign in menu, this is what you will see “Create a New Account”.

4. At this point you can decide to sign up with skype account using your facebook ID or your Twitter ID. But you still can use your Microsoft account that will be if you
have a Microsoft account.

5. For those who may not have any of the aforementioned accounts, or do have but due to some reason choose not to use any of them to sign up their Skype account, and you want to have a fresh account that is linke to no other social media messenger, then you will be required to fill the following details correctly.

A. Your first name and your last name.

B. Your email address which should be an active one.

C. Your date of birth.

D. Your country of Residence.

E. Again you will be asked by Skype  to select how you would want to use skype.
You are expected to chose the one most suitable to your convenience.

F.  There are these set of numbers that you will you required to enter a set of number accurately.

G.  You must as a necessity  agree to the terms and conditions of Skype else you won’t be granted registration.

Now you have successfully created your skype account. Enjoy the good Skype has for its over 2 million users across the globe.

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