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Many persons will be wondering what the www.remita.com is all about? Well, i have not known this before not until recently. I never knew what it was until the need came up. Well, i do believe that many still do not about this. And that is why i am using this medium to post this article. And i believe it will be helpful to many. Below, i will be telling people what www.remita.com is all about.re

As it were, Remita is an e-Payments and e-Collections solution on a single multi-bank platform that was introduced in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Though it was known by many, but today, as it is, the Remita platform is been used by many individuals, both the public and private sector organisations that process over 500 Billion Naira worth of transactions on a monthly basis.

This wonderful and unique platform was introduced and a;so Adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the payment and collections of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria. And as at today, all the 22 commercial banks in Nigeria, uses it including over 400 micro finance banks. www.Remita.com has significantly assisted to revolutionize the e-payment industry in Nigeria making it so easy to do transactions with the federal government.

For those who must have come across the Remita platform, you will observe that this platform comes  with an optional Payroll and HR solution for full integrated processing.

Do you know the developer of Remita? Well for knowledge sake, it was developed by SystemSpecs. According to recent research by our team, Remita has been voted many times as Nigeria’s Software of the Year successively.

What Can Remita do for You?

1. With the use of this remita platform, you can make your Payments from All Your Accounts in All Banks on a single platform

2. For those who might have applied, they can receive Funds through Debit/Credit Cards, in any branches of all Banks Nationwide

3. And finally, you will be able to automate your Payroll and deliver Payslips to all Staff with remita.

Who Can Use Remita?

According to the official report regarding this platform, any Individual can use the emita to manage their personal finances
Also Public and private sector organizations of any size, structure and complexity can also use remita.

How to Sign Up to Use Remita on www.remita.net

For those who want to sign up for the Remita platform, it is totally 100% free and it does not cost anything to sign up for remita.  All that is required is that you visit the official registration and sign up portal at www.remita.net

Then all you should do is to Click on sign up to register for Remita to receive and make payment easily.


  1. ISAIAH FARUNA says:

    Every thing in this softwear but there should be a room for editing of name or amount before depositing cash in the bank. I’m a vitim.

  2. I have been battling with RRR to generate code for bank draft payment in to TSA but it couldn’t open .pls do something fast

  3. Bingari Mathias says:

    i have paid for ABU PG form on remita on 27-09-2016 in First Bank Jalingo via firstmonie. But anytime i click to process my form if my RRR Number is imputed it tell me my payment is not processed yet, try again later. And today is the third day. what should i do?

  4. ogunmoyero oluwaseun says:

    i made a payment 5,000 naira for student unrest reparation fee at federal university of agriculture, abeokuta on the 2nd of october, 2016 via my gt bank account but it wasn’t successful. So i tried it again but the same result. i later received a mail deducting 10,000 naira instead of 5,000 naira. please how do i recover my 5,000 naira?

  5. Joseph Ekulide says:

    I need the process to make payment for NDA Application Form i.e for Order ID and Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR).
    Please send me contact to talk to or procedure to follow.

  6. Dear all, kindly channel your complaints to support@remita.bet
    Thank you.

  7. Richard Mogaji says:

    i mistakenly generated code of CAC instead of FIRS to pay for stamp duty of a document, when i notice the error, i contacted your office and i was told to write to the CAC for the refund which i thought remita should be the one to contact them for the refund. that will enable the respond on time. as at now, my request has not been address. i paid the sum of N76,000. since 18th November, 2016. i was told it was wrong code on the 28th November, 2016 same date, i was directed to write a letter demanding the refund which i did but till now, nothing has been done. what can i do? this is my client money

  8. hi,
    how can someone request for a refund in case of any payment made in error through remita.

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