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Many would be wondering the reason behind why i have decided to make a post on this. But you must understand that the reason for things like this is that the world is going online and most things including purchases of anything can be done online which is sometimes cheaper and stress free. So today i will be teaching how we can buys cars online through www.konga.com.kia

Konga.com Cars For Sale – It is now very possible and easy for customers to buy Kia cars online in Nigeria. Before now, it was widely impossible to do that. Well for the sake of knowledge, this was made a possibility because of a new partnership that have emerged between one of Nigeria’s leading and best online retailer, known as Konga and Kia Motors Nigeria the exclusive dealer of Kia cars in Nigeria. Thoght the details of the partnership is not known to anyone out the both parties.

All that is required to do this is just a few instructions which i have listed below then you can now buy Kia cars and SUVs online from www.Konga.com

If we must be truthful to ourselves, this is the first time a thing like this is happening in Nigeria where customers can pay for a car online and have it delivered to them at their door post.

Well you know that there is no different in buying cars online from buying other products online from www.konga.com. Just the way you will order for products such accessories, or mobile phones and it will be delivered to you, same way you can order for your Kia Cars and it will be delivered to you.

All that you are to do is to select the Kia nameplate you wish to purchase, whether it is Kia Cerato, Kia Rio, Kia Sportage, or any of the other Kia vehicles currently available and just click the buy now button at the Konga website at www.konga.com

It has been made so easy that you have both options to either pay online or you can pay on delivery.

Well for those who prefer “seeing is believing” can also decide to go to the showroom yourself to pickup the car or have it conveniently delivered to your doorsteps.

Please note that this service is new and only restricted to customers in Lagos alone. So all address must be locations in Lagos.

For real, we need to say a big thank you to www.konga for this initiative. Because ordering cars online is still a very significant advancement in Nigeria’s commerce landscape.

Remember that most car dealers do hide the real prices of their cars, only God knows why? And that is why it must have taken a degree of transparency for the Kia group Motors to not only publish their car prices for all to publicly see, but also have decided to offer them up for sale. This to me hows a very high degree of respect for Nigerian consumers industry.

Below are the Kia Vehicles Available on Konga

According to confirmed report, there are Currently, 10 Kia cars and SUVs are available on Konga namely:

    2015 Kia Cerato
    2015 Kia Picanto
    2015 Kia Rio
    2015 Kia Soul
    2015 Kia Optima
    2015 Kia Sportage
    2015 Kia Sorento
    2015 Kia Cadenza
    2015 Kia Mohave
    2015 Kia Quoris

Well we don’t need to argue about what is on  board there because the cars are all latest 2015 Kia models. The sure thing here is the fact that since you will be buying from the only authorised Kia dealership in Nigeria you get full 5 years or 100,000 km warranty from Kia group of motors.

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