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It was recently I began to observe that many people do not really know much about www.imo.com. Well I am going to take my time to really discuss with us what the Imo application is all about. For me, www.imo.com has emerged as one of the most popular social messenger app around globe. In fact, many have viewed the imo messenger application as one of the fastest growing social messenger app in the world.
I am not trying hype the imo app after all am not a shareholder there. But truth must be told. The imo messenger has some unique features that are very amazing to behold. For example, the imo messenger app has a free video calls platform where already registered can make use of.



That means, subscribers can talk or make free video calls to another imo user across the globe.
Many though do not really know about the video call thing. Now you know so it will be flexing all through for you.
Another amazing feature you can find within the grips of imo messenger application is its chatting feature.
With the www.imo.com messenger application, you can stay connected to your loved ones 24 hours a day. Many people sure have their actual reasons to prefer imo.com to other messenger app around the globe. Well for some according to our survey reports, they would prefer imo to other social messenger app simply because of the fact that they can make free video
calls and again also  send written messages to anyone you want around the globe.

Another basic advantage involved in using this messenger app is that the application does not have effect on your
regular phone and SMS charges.
So all what it uses are internet connection which the www.imo.com social messenger app uses to make the calls and also send the messages.

Imo has the perfect video call for you. Its software has made the imo users all over the world make video calls at the highest quality. Not just the video calls, but also the voice calls that seems as though you are talking with the person face to face.

The www.imo.com messenger app allows its subscribed or registered members  to  create a group chat page  with as many people as you .
With the creation of a group page, you will stay connected to your. family, friends and your colleagues.

On the www.imo.com social messenger  app, you can also share your  photos and
videos with your registered members

Should in case you need protection in regards your photos and videos,  the imo application allows encryption for your video and voice calls.

Below is a format on how you can register and become a member.

Do not forget that you must must posses a valid working mail. Because your name and valid e-mail address are a must requirement for the completion of  the registration.
Below are the registration and requirements.

Registrant Details
Title*: (Capt/Mr/Ms etc)
First name*:
Last name*:
Confirm e-mail*:
You must Choose a username and a secure password for your
You will use these details to log in.
Username*: (the letters a-z, 0-9 or ‘_’
Password*: (use at least one number
or capital letter)
Confirm password*:
Terms of Use and Disclaimer
Terms of Use

1 . Acceptance of Terms
Now you must know that the services that IMO provides to you are subject to
the following Terms and condition of Use  (“TOU”).

Please all  IMO users should know that www.imo.com  reserves
all right to update the TOU at any time without notice to you or pre informing you.

Finally, the most current and recent version of the TOU can also be reviewed by clicking on the “Terms of Use”
hypertext link located at the base of imo official Web pages.

2 . Description of Services

Through the www.imo.com  network of Web properties, IMO app corporation sure
provides her users globally  with access to a variety of resources, which includes the  developer tools, download areas,
communication forums and product information (collectively “Services”). The Imo Services also includes  any updates, enhancements, new features, and/or the addition of any new Web properties, and they are all subject to the TOU.

At the base of the registration page, you will have to tick a little box indication that have read and accept the conditions of the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

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