www.eskimi.com – Eskimi Download Application On Mobile Phones

 In today’s world, social networking is one of the leading phenomenon. And one of such a great network is Eskimi.
Some persons must have read about how to use m.Eskimi to download applications also some very important features about the Eskimi application. On this post of mine, I will teaching you on how to download Eskimi application on your mobile phone. Eskimi Download

FEATURES OF www.eskimi.com

Below I will be showing us the features of the Eskimi apllication and how alike it is with the 2go 4.00 social network. Download Eskimi Application
One feature about Eskimi is that the online users can get to meet new friends, meet their lovers, and possibly make new friends. On Eskimi, you are able to no who is online and offline. But if a message is sent to you, even if you are offline, it will be delivered to you until you come online.
Eskimi Coins – This is an amazing feature. its just like the 2go credit. But the difference is that you can only buy just themes, template which you can use to change your profile. But for Eskimi coin, you can use to buy gifts for friends and the opposite gender so as to get their attention just like it’s done on other social network sites like Badoo messenger.
Another sweet thing about the Eskimi coin is that you can posses enough of it and use it to accumulate gifte and by so doing, you become an Eskimi VIP.
Eskimi VIP – With this level you have attained on your Eskimi, you now have the chance to get a customise profile which usually is different from the other profile you earlier had. With this level, your chances of getting several attention on Eskimi from friends and other users are increased.
In Nigeria, the currency of exchange is Naira. But in Eskimi.com, it is Eskimi coin. With the Eskimi coin you can purchase anything you want to on the Eskimi platform.
So how you get the Eskimi coin.
1. BUYING – one of the major ways at which you can get the Eskimi coin is actually by purchasing it directly from the official site. You can get 600 eskimi coins for about N100 and start to enjoy the goodies Eskimi brings to you.
2. Log into eskimi – Each day you login, some coins are  accrued to you. For staying online for a specific period of time, you also are guaranteed some amount of Eskimi coin. But you must stay up to 2 hours on the straight before you can get this.

We have earlier cleared the fact that Eskimi is all about finding and hooking up with people from different places. But even at that, you can choose aor decide which location you would love to get friends from or what gender or age etc.
This is a step by step easy guide to making that happen.

1. Login to your ESKIMI ACCOUNT
2. Click on the MEET PEOPLE section
This will take you to SEARCH SETTINGS
4. Under the search setting, you can change and selec  those you want to hook-up with either to any of the following settings:
– Gender – Select either Male of Female
– Age – Select an age bracket of who you
want to hook-up with (18-20) etc.
– Country – Select a Nation you want to
connect with on Eskimi e.g. Nigeria, South
Africa, USA, England, Germany, Malawi,
Kenya, etc.
– City – Geographic location and city of
those you want to chat with on Eskimi
5. Hit the submit button and viola.

For those who are interested in downloading the Eskimi on their smartphones, they can easily do that on their set by going to the google play store to do that. For those who wants to do it on their other devices like Nokia phones, Blackberry phones and Android platforms.
Every of these phones model have their various methods of getting Eskimi to your phone.

Download Eskimi Chat on Nokia
You can get your Eskimi Mobile App at Ovi –

Download Eskimi on Blackberry.

For blackberry users, you need to visit Blackberry App world,

Download Eskimi Application on Android
For Android users, it is very easy also. just go straight to Google Play store and download Eskimi