why Biafra should carve out from Nigeria – Uwazuruike’s To UN

Uwazuruike while speaking to newsmen in onitsha Anambra state yesterday, through the MASSOB‘s Deputy National Director of Information, Mazi Chris Mocha, told newsmen present the reason why he and the entire members of the MASSOB still believe the East should secede from the Federation of Nigeria. He said this based on the ongoing  UN General Assembly holding in New York.uwa

According to him, he wanted the UN to accord to Biafra the status of sovereignty just as the body accorded South Sudan since July 9th 2011.
Well, I still do not really understand why he will think the international body will adhere to his plea.

These are the List of Uwazuruike’s reasons to UN why Biafra should carve out from the federal Repulblic Nigeria.

1. Uwazuruike stated that, since the population of the South East, formerly known as the Eastern part of Nigeria, which have added up to make  up Biafra land can for the now,  boast of over 10 million persons in the region. According to Uwazuruike, the people of Biafran descent, does not naturally  share same and similar culture and tradition with Hausa-Fulani of the North and Yoruba of the South West so it is not wise enough for the people to continue to remain together under one country called Nigeria.

 2. Another reason the activist gave was that “MASSOB, as a separatist group, had all it takes to run a sovereign state of Biafra. To him, MASSOB have enough instruments, good and quality structures, flag, currency, coat of arms and a state of defence which is to assume a status of an existing government.
Uwazuruike also recalled the assertion made by the US, which was quoted in  Vanguard Newspapers, which classified Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia
and Sudan as failed states which should be divided between 2011 and 2015. He also  added that it was only Sudan among the aforementioned that have seceded since July 9, 2011, remaining Nigeria, Ethiopia and Somalia.

He kept on talking about various countries that carved out from their parent countries. The examples he cited were East-Timor with only a population of about 821,000 from Indonesia on May 22, 2002; carving out of Serbia with a population of about 10 million from Montenegro on July 2006; carving out of South Ossertia from Georgia and carving out of Kosovo from Serbia on February
17, 2008.
With all these aforementioned examples, Uwazuruike therefore urged Banki Moon and the UN to  grant Biafra sovereignty in other to save the people od Biafra from further annihilation in Nigeria since there was no basis whatsoever for Biafra people’s continued stay with Nigeria. “Nigeria cannot make any appreciable economic progress until Biafra is allowed to go, particularly now that Lord Fredrick Luggard’s amalgamation of 1914 has since January 1, 2014, expired after 100 years of the amalgamation.”

why Biafra should carve out from Nigeria