Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria.

When you talk of the most TV shows in Nigeria, then who wants to be a Millionaire (WWTBAM) is sure one of the most popular TV game shows in Nigeria.

The Television show which is usually been sponsored by telecommunications giant MTN. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria actually started in the year 2004 and has since its inception Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria have captivated the hearts of all Nigerians.
This reality show do provide a good avenue to test ones IQ which is surely apart from the big cash prizes given out to winners and sometimes her viewers that participate in the game show.
From our research findings, it has been revealed that most Nigerians would love to experience and be part of what it feels like to get on the hot seat of WWTBAM but unfortunately, only few people are able to reach that stardom and actualize their dream.

And this is the reason I have decided to come up with this article and show to you the steps to take if you are serious about getting on the hot seat of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria.

As it where there are usually two ways to get seated on the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria. And I will be discussing this exhaustively.  

 The first way is actually by playing the online Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria.

The second one which is the other is through Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Playing Online

For those who will be interested in  playing online Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria, such a one will be expected to start by texting the word‘PIN’ to 345. Please be reminded that you can only do this with an MTN mobile number and it would cost you N100 for each sms. After you must have sent the code, you would receive 3 pins from MTN that qualifies you to play the game thrice online. Visit http://game.millionaire.com/game to register and to play. You are expected to create an account with them first and agree to the terms and conditions.

With your account created, your username, password and one of the three pins given to you, log on to the millionaire game website and start playing.

 Make sure you have adobe flash player installed on the computer you would use to play the game.

 To play the game show, click on ‘let’s play’ and you will receive a set of questions which you must answer within 30 seconds. If you fail to answer within 30 seconds, you will not be unable to move forward with the game. But you can still use your two remaining pins to play again.

 The top players of each round of the game are offered a cash prize of N20,000 while second and third position players are offered N10,000 each.

 At the end of the month, the overall top player with the highest score is offered a cash prize of N50,000 and a chance to play on the live TV game.

 Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If you are interested in playing through interactive voice response, you will need to send dial the number 132 from your MTN phone. A question would be read out to you with four options to choose from. You have to click on the number that corresponds with the correct answer.

Eg, if option 4 is the correct answer, you have to dial the number 2 from your phone. This call would cost you N200. If you get the answer correctly, you would receive a congratulatory a congratulatory message which would also ask you to say your name and telephone number.

After which your name would be registered on their database. It is from this database that they select people who would be
invited to play in the live TV game.

You can also play by text message. To play via text message, send your name, telephone number and location to the numbers 132.

A set of questions would be sent to you that you have to answer correctly to. If you answer correctly, you would receive a congratulatory message and would be shortlisted to play the live TV game. This text message would cost you N200 each.

Fastest Fingers

Now let’s talk about the fastest fingers. For those who will be lucky enough to get selected to play the TV game show, you would have to compete with other eight contestants in the fastest fingers round to finally get on the hot seat Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Well many are very much acquainted with this round which have to do with answering of a set of questions by clicking on the correct answers faster than the other eight contestants. As it has always been, the fastest contestant amongst them automatically gets to enter the final round of the game which is the hot seat of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Nigeria.