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WAEC May/June 2015 Result Checker – For those who wrote the last may/june WAEC Examination should and can go online by visiting www.waecresult.com
So after reading this post, you would have learnt how to check your 2015 WAEC result online with a scratch card. In this article, you will also learn how to check your result on your mobile phone. It is going to be an easy one without stress. You might even end up not going to the cyber cafe to check your 2015 WAEC result.
Check Your WAEC 2015 Result Online
To complete this section, the following are needed.
1. Computer System otherwise known as PC. With this, you can be able to print your already checked result.
2. A mobile phone that can browse. Any browsing mobile phone can do the job. Be it Nokia phone device, Android phone device, or a blackberry phone device.
3. Then connect to the internet either through any of the aforementioned devices. This will enable connect to the webpage of WAEC.
WAEC May/June Result Checking Guidelines
1. First and foremost, you must visit the official webpage of waec. Which is www.waec.org with your PC or your phone device that can browse.
This is what you will see.
2, At the empty box, you are requested to enter your 10 digit WAEC Examination number. The 10 digit Examination number comprises of your 7 digit WAEC Examination number and the remaining 3 Digit number is your candidate. Here is an example. (1253456781)
3. At this point, it will needful to enter the Examination year. For example, 2015.
4. You will have to select the particular type of Examination you did. Remember that we have the Nov/Dec GCE, and the May/june WAEC.
5. At the back of the WAEC Scratch card you will see a serial number. You will be requested to also enter the number at the designated place.
6. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on
your Scratch card
7. At this point
, You are good to click submit. After clicking the submit button, all you have to do is wait for the result page to open.
8. When you have confirmed that the result shown to you is yours, you can go ahead and print your result. This is only pssible if you have used a computer in checking the result.
WAEC Result checking guideline using Mobile Phone SMS (Off-line);
Many people have described this method as an offline method because you don’t need the internet connection to check and receive your result to your mobile phone. Infact it is one of the fastest and most convenient way to check your results. This system or rather method of checking your result will enable you receive your WAEC result to your phone via SMS. Though it is a new improved method of checking your WAEC GEC and WAEC SSCE result offline.
Below are the step step way of checking your waec result with your mobile phone.
1. We are assuming you are holding your mobile phone on you now. Go to “create a message”.
2. You have to send sms in this underlisted format: WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear
To short-code 32327 (MTN, Celtel & Glo
3. Here is another example. WAEC*4250101001*123456789012*2007
The secret to success in this activity is that you follow exactly how it is written here.
Now while sending the SMS, make sure that there is no space in between the letters and words.
4. After sending the sms, you will have to wait for some few seconds for your result to be delivered to you through sms.
The cost for sending the SMS is 30 naira only. Any other charges are not required.
Please note that the cost of this SMS service is N30
Only. You should have up to 30 or atleast 30 naira.before you can carry out this process.