WAEC Candidates That Returned Certificates Will Lose Their Degrees

 From the information we have received and have decided to share it to all is that the Twenty five former West African Examinations Council (WAEC) candidates who had returned the certificates some times ago went through examination malpractice to WAEC, are liable to forfeit the degree certificates acquired through the WASCE results, said WAEC.

 According to the research we did on the case revealed that as soon as WAEC withdrew and cancelled those certificates, notifications were sent to the National Universities Commission, NUC, National Board for Technical Education, NBTE and National Commission for Colleges of Education, NCE appropriate action.WAEC According to a senior staff of WAEC who confirmed this through a telephone conversation,  said that “Besides, the 25 WAEC candidates, who returned their certificates due to their Christian faith, there were over 100 persons whose certificates were withdrawn.”

 This is the implication of what they did. He said that the implication of the decision by the former WAEC candidates who had thought it wise to personally reported their involvement in examination malpractice is to forfeit any certificate or job got through the WASSCE results. However, he explained that the discretion to withdraw their degree, polytechnics or NCE certificates will be left for their institutions of higher learning to decide.  but for them, their stand has been made known to them such that they cannot come to WAEC office to verify their results for those years,’’ he explained.

 Based on His words: ‘’The onus is on universities, polytechnics and colleges of education, to withdraw their certificates if they ever gained admissions to such institutions through the cancelled results. Also, if the cancelled WAEC certificates were part of their official credentials at the point of job employment, their employers, if they so wish can take their decisions.

“WAEC has no power to prosecute them for personally reporting their involvement in examination malpractice, except those who impersonated to collect other persons’ certificates. We can personally hand over such to the Police for prosecution.  All we could do in the case of those who reported themselves was to withdraw their certificates and notify all the relevant education institutions.

“We have informed the National Universities Commission, NUC, National Board for Technical Education, NBTE and National Commission for Colleges of Education, NCE were notified for appropriate action.’’

Reacting to this, a lecturer in Department of Science and Education, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University, Dr Shina Akintolure,  urged the affected candidates to retake the WAEC examinations, adding that it would reflect their true performance without irregularities.

He said: “Good idea, it is a personal choice and they are doing it for restitution. They can however take it a step further by taking another set of WAEC exams that would reflect their true performance without irregularities.” On his part, a retired Director of Education in Lagos, Mr. Agbarakwe Godwin posited that the results of the affected examination centres should be canceled because candidates from those cannot claim innocent.

 Well for him  he noted that “If WAEC wants to be truly and sincerely honest with itself, they should be sincere enough to look at the centre where those people did their examination and make sure they cancel the certificates of that year. Because All of them in the those centres are involved in cheating, cheating is never isolated.

 He went further to stress that in Nigeria most private schools are involved in cheating because they want to have high overall percentage, so that students will continue to patronage them to remain in business.

 Also pointing out that for those who did return their certificates are not realistic, adding that they were aware of themselves when they did it, they are mere fanatics.

Cancelling of  the certificates

 Mr Agbarakwe was also on hand to plead and advise the WAEC body to go back to those centres where these anomalies do happen year after year, and make sure that these schools are scraped from conducting exams because it simply means they are fraudulent, it is not just about the individuals.” You will recall that WAEC had last week cancelled and withdrew the certificates of 25 candidates who reported themselves to had cheated during the examination.

 The Breakdown of the year the examinations shows that those examinations were taken years ago and also revealed that the oldest certificates dates back to June 1980 with certificates dated 1986 for Nov/Dec with certificates   nos   NGPO497232 and NGO 442267 and three obtained in 1989,  all for school examinations with certificates   nos NGPO 1004584, NGPO 823128 and June West African  Senior School Certificate   Examinations (WASSCE) and eight sat for the Nov/Dec WASSCE.

 WAEC Candidates That Returned Certificates Will Lose Their Degrees