UNU-INWEH Internship Programme 2017

UNU-INWEH Internship Programme 2017 – This programe called the UNU-INWEH Internship Programme 2017 is meant for recent graduate or those who must have enrolled in a graduate program.

Again it is meant for those who are interested in making a significant difference in environmental research and policy.

For those who do have passion for addressing issues of international importance related to water, environment and health are advised to read through this publication and accordingly apply for the UNU-INWEH Internship Programme which could turn out to be yours.

The UNU-INWEH interns as it where originated from countries like Canada, France, India, Mali, Mexico, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, the USA, and elsewhere. The UNU-INWEH intends to provide interns a chance to work in an international environment and experience first-hand the operations of the United Nations.

With this basic knowledge this volunteer program, interns interact with staff members and will be a contributing factor towards UN water research and training projects conducted in developing countries.

The Interns will be recruited through a competitive application procedurw which will be either of the following or both :
(1) specific vacancy announcements (listed on the vacancies page) or  
(2) unsolicited applications (open).

All interested interns will be expected to make a 3-month (minimum) to 6-month (maximum) full-time commitment.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Academic Qualifications & Fields of Interest: A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree in an area which is relevant to UNU-INWEH’s field of work.
  • Languages: Applicants should have an excellent spoken and written English; knowledge of other UN languages is an asset.
  • Computer skills: Applicants should have ability to use office related software (Microsoft Office) and hardware (PC).
  • Attitude: Should have the awareness and ability to adapt to a multicultural environment and a commitment to international public service are essential. Applicants should demonstrate good communication skills and show initiative and flexibility.
  • Availability: Applicants are expected to note that the duration of an internship is a minimum of three months (full-time).
  • Insurance: Should have a proof of insurance coverage for the entire period of the internship.


  • Applicants are expected to note no fixed start date for internships.
  • Internship start-dates will not defined on the basis of the respective programme/project requirements.
  • 3 months will the the duration and for the maximum duration of 6 months. Interested Interns will be expected to work on a full time basis and will be provided office space and facilities as appropriate for their work. The UNU-INWEH will not offer any financial assistance for the internship programme and all candidates will be expected to indicate means of support for the duration of the internship.

How to Apply
All Interns applicants will be recruited through a very competitive application procedures through (1) specific vacancy announcements (listed on our vacancies page) or (2) unsolicited applications (open). Both require a 3-month (minimum) to 6-month (maximum) full-time commitment.

For those who will be applying to the UNU-INWEH Internship Programme, will be expected to complete the following steps:

  1. You are to Ensure that you satisfy the Eligibility Criteria.
  2. You are to Fill out all five of the required application documents.
  3. Then Email or fax your application to the UNU-INWEH Internship Coordinator.
  • Make sure Only completed applications (i.e., containing all five required documents) will be considered.
  • And Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Note that your internship application will be considered valid for 12 months from the date you submitted.
  • If any interested applicants do not receive their response within 12 months of submission, the application has not been retained therefore.

(1) A Completed Application Form: Download (MS Word) or (PDF)
(2) Should Have A Cover Letter that Includes:

  1. Applicants should state A brief statement of purpose.
  2. Give reasons Why applicants think an internship would be a valuable opportunity.
  3. Should give any specific skills/experience which can relate to one of our programmes/projects.
  4. All letters written should be done in English (1 page max.).
  5. Applicants should address the letter to the UNU-INWEH Internship Coordinator.

(3) A Copy of Your University Transcript:

  • Undergraduate or Graduate transcript. Unofficial is acceptable.

(4) Two Letters of Recommendation

 All Signed scanned copies must be sent by your two referees directly to: intern.at.inweh@unu.edu
(Subject Line: “REFERENCE LETTER = INTERNSHIP = Candidate’s Last Name and First Name”)

  • Signed letters can also be sent by fax +1 905 667 5510
    (Cover Page Subject Line: “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, Candidate’s Last Name and First Name”)

(5) For Non-Native English Speakers, a Copy of Your English Language Certification

  • (E.g., TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC); not required if the applicant has completed undergraduate and/or graduate studies with English as the medium of instruction.

(1) Email: intern.at.inweh@unu.edu

  • (Subject Line: “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, Your Last Name, Your First Name”)

(2) Fax: +1 905 667 5510

  • (Cover Page Subject Line: “INTERNSHIP APPLICATION, Your Last Name, Your First Name”)

Please For further Information, you can visit the underlisted link.
Visit the Official Webpage of the UNU-INWEH Internship Programme

I do hope this piece of information was helpful to you and if by chance you experience any difficulty in applying, reach me through the comment box.

UNU-INWEH Internship Programme 2017

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