Total Nigeria Plc International Graduate Recruitment 2016

Total Nigeria Plc International Graduate Recruitment 2016 – For those who may not have heard of the Total Nigeria Plc International Graduate Recruitment 2016, should read up this publication and and as much as possible to apply for the Job opening.

This is to say that for those who do wish to offer their skills and expertise to a multinational company, and for those who can also give their very best to TOTAL which has over 500-plus professions in 130 countries, with a high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, an innovation culture and wide-ranging career development, should be aware that their services are very much needed.

You can be part of the Total Gas AND oil global team whose sole mission is already shared by 100,000 employees : Which is to make energy better each and every day.

Auto req ID  4509BR
Workplace location  Lagos, Nigeria

Job Description
Total Nigeria develops several solar projects for domestic and industrial customers.
VIE will work in the Technical Department to monitor the following projects:

  • To be able to Implementation of hybrid diesel/solar installations in service stations network (50%)
  • The Calculation and installation of hybrid diesel/solar generators for professional customers (30%)
  • Also be in charged with the Installation of domestic solar solutions (10%)
  • The Calculation and installation of hybrid solar/diesel generators for telecom antennas (10%)

Candidate profile
Desired qualifications:

  • Should be an Electrical engineering school graduate (Supelec / ESME-Sudria or equivalent) with specialty in renewable energy including photovoltaic


  • – French fluent
  • – English fluent

Technical skills:

  • – Project management
  • – Low tension electrical engineering
  • – Hybrid installations Diesel/solar
  • – Energy storage technology
  • – Off-Grid

Computing skills:

  • MS Excel (advanced),
  • Autocad,
  • Homer (or PVsyst or equivalent)

Behavioural competencies:

  • Innovation ;
  • Autonomy ;
  • Open-mindedness;
  • Adaptability ;
  • Analytical and synthetical skills;
  • Reliable/thoroughness;
  • Team working;
  • Customer orientation.