Top Richest Female Athletes In The World And Their Net Worth

Top Richest Female Athletes In The World And Their Net Worth – Well for some, only athletes from soccer and music that can make the list of Richest Female Athletes in the world. But i am going to shock many by this recent survey about the Top Richest Female Athletes In The World And Their Net Worth.


Richest Female Athletes In The World 2016

It will also shock many to know that some of the Richest Female Athletes do earn higher than most of their counterparts. Soon may of you will be awe at what these women earn.

 Please note that this list might be different from the ones you could find else where. The Yardstick for this list involves their wages, endorsement deals etc.

Top Richest Female Athletes and Their Net Worth

1. Serena Williams

Many would have guessed right about it. Well don’t be too surprise about it because she deserve it. She is the No.1 Most Popular and richest athletes in the world. Her Net Worth is $140 million. She has won an impressive 18 singles Grand Slam titles and 13 doubles titles with her sister, Venus Williams.

 Recently it was reported that She received a total of $73 million in prize money. In the year 2015, she earned $24.6 million, with $13 million from her endorsement deals with Chase and Gatorade etc.

she have won gold medals at three different Olympic games.

2. Maria Sharapova

 She started playing tennis at an early age of 16 when she started with her tennis career. Later on she moved to the U.S. So far, Maria Sharapova has won four Grand Slam events at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open and the French Open.

 With her net worth of $125 million Maria Sharapova is the second world richest athletes. She  and received more than $35 million in prize money. Sharapova also earned $6.7 million from winnings in 2015 and $23 million from endorsements with Avon, Porsche and Evian, among other companies.

3. Alexis DeJoria

 She is a car racer and she is the third richest in the world. Alexis DeJoria is the richest female that participates in the car racing game. With a net worth of $100 million it has placed her first in the car racing game for females athletes. Records shows that She has made her 100th career NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) start in February 2016.

4. Venus Williams

She was No.1 tennis player with career prize money totaling $32,750,021. Her Net Worth is $75 million. Vanus Williams the elder sister to Serena Williams started her tennis career at the age of 14-old. Currently, she has won 43 singles titles, 19 doubles titles and four gold medals.

In addition to are achievement also, she has got endorsement deals with Wilson, Kraft, Ralph Lauren and Electronic Arts.

5. Anna Kournikova

One of the most famous female tennis players of all time. Anna Kournikova is also among the list of richest female athletes in the world.  She has won two Grand Slam doubles titles. This she did in the year 1999 and 2002.

After she won $3,584,662 in prize money, she had a back and spinal problem which did make her drop her tennis career down.  her net worth is $50 million. Her endorsement deals includes Adidas and Berlie.

In 2002,

Anna Kournikova earned a whooping sum of $10 million a year in endorsements.

#6. Li Na

Her net worth is $40 million. And she started her pro career at the tender age of 8.

According to Celebrity news Net Worth they said Li Na in 2013 was actually one of the highest paid athletes, who was earning at that time $18 million in salary and endorsements. She also earned for herself more than $15 million through endorsement deals with Rolex, Nike and Mercedes-Benz. In total, her career prize earnings are $16,709,074.

#7. Annika Sorenstam

It has been recorded that she id the most famous Golfer of all time. Research shows that Sorenstam has more wins to her name than any other female golfer in the world. Her current net worth is $40 million. We also discovered that Sorenstam was the first player in LPGA history to earn more than $20 million in a female career.

She athlete boasts 72 LPGA wins, and her career prize earnings total $22 million.

Top Richest Female Athletes In The World And Their Net Worth

Richest Female Athletes In The World 2016