Top 5 Richest States In Nigeria 2016 – List of Nigerian States by GDP

 Richest States In Nigeria 2016 –  I believe that most of you where aware of the fact that i posted an article regarding the Richest States In Nigeria 2015 By GDP and today i have decided to make a similar post titled Richest States in Nigeria 2016. But make no mistake about it that some of the riches states last year, still maintained their various positions this year. States like Lagos still maintained their position based on the fact that they are the Commercial hub of the Nation. Interms of revenue, they generate the highest. In terms of tax to the federal government account, they remit the highest. flag

We wont rig manrol that much but delve straight into what we are talking about.One of the reasons for articles of this nature, is that it will help you note the state to which you will set in your economic sail toward.  To this end, i will share with us the various growth strata the Nigerian society have emerged through. We all know that recently, The Nigeria economy has experienced a steady growth in recent years.

According to reports and research we have encountered, the Nigerian economy has for some time now gone through a lot of changes. We can attribute this growth to the fact that the Nigerian government has been able to utilize some of its untapped resources in the nation making the country very attractive for foreign investors. The Nations foreign incoming investors have greatly increased over the years. Though there are still some part that needs to be attended to.

1. Lagos State

This is called the America of Nigeria. Lagos to Nigeria, is what New York City is to America. Many people do view city as the America of our Nation. Lagos state do offer equal opportunities to both the rich and the poor. As at last year, , the GDP is $33.67 billion. It is the richest state in Nigeria at the GDP rate.

But as it stands now, the current GDP OF Lagos State  stands at  US$91,000

2. Rivers State

This state was and is still the second best state in Nigeria in terms of GDP. It was second last year and has retained same position this year. Last year, Business Day newspaper, reported that Rivers State is the fastest growing state in the country. As at last year, the Rivers State GDP stood at $21.07 billion. With this score, they where placed second most richest state in Nigeria 2015

A report conducted by our team showed that Rivers State is one of the few states in Nigeria with the biggest business based on the influx of population into the country. The River state GDP for the $21.07 billion .

3. Delta State

 Last year they where 3rd and this year have done nothing to improve that pegging order. Delta State GDP stood at $16.75 billion last year and still maintained same this year. No doubt, we all know why they are 3rd on the list. This is so because of the Rich Natural resources they have with them. The GDP of Delta State is stands at $16.75 billion .

4. Oyo State

 For those who read my last article on this, will remember that the state experienced a huge growth of 14% between year 2008 and 2012. To this end, it has placed them fourth richest state in the country with a GDP of $16.121 billion as against the $16.121 billion in 2015. Report has it that they have a gross state product which is greater than $1.91 trillion. Reports have it that Oyo State with its headquarters located in Ibadan is a place where an average youth can survive with low income earnings.

5. Imo State

Last year, we told you guys that anyone who might be interested in the oil and gas sector of the Nigeria Economy should come to Imo State. It’s GDP stands at $14.21 billion. It’s growth could be attributed to the large amount of Natural resources that was recently found in the state. The only advantage the state have over other states is in the huge natural resources it has that have contributed immensely to the rapid growth of the Imo state .

List of Nigerian States by GDP
Rank    State    PPP GDP (in millions of USD)
1    Lagos State    US$91,000
2    Rivers State    US$21,073
3    Delta State    US$16,749
4    Oyo State    US$16,121

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