Top 10 Richest Comedians in Nigeria

Many people will never believe the net worth of our Comedians. Some of our comedians in Nigeria are worth two million naira (2 million naira) per night event. The likes of of Basket mouth are paid over 2million naira for a night event. So today, I will be showing to us the top Richest Comedians In Nigeria. Well the list has most of the big names there. And there lots of surprises on the lists.

Before now, the Nigerian entertainment industry was been dominated by actors and actresses. But as it is now, the Nigerian entertainment industry has gone through a lot of transformation agenda which has brought about the emergence of Comedians who have sat in front of the whole package..

1. Ali Baba – This is the man known as the Ojukwu of the comedy industry. He has been the mentor for many of the comedians we have today in Nigeria. He has hosted lots of programmes which has the dignitaries like the presidents, ministers, commissioners etc.
His place of residence in Lekki Lagos, is a magnificent  mansion said to be valued over N300 million Naira. ali

The affluent comedian is not just into comedy alone but he also has other  chains of various businesses in Lagos. Ali Baba as it were is a motivational speaker.  Th versatile personality, do charge about  4.5 million Naira per event. Woah that’s a lot of money.  According to sources close to him, Ali Baba holds a  minimum of two events weekly.

2. Basketmouth – Basket mouth, is to me the most funniest comedian the country have ever produced. Basket mouth has gone ahead to make a big name for himself in the industry. And as such,  has become the Brand Ambassador for Telecom giant  Globacom Ltd. and Amstel Malta.
According to research the comedian hosts events in London, America and South Africa which are always sold out and through his Basketmouth Uncensored platform he has gained popularity.  He is estimated to have worth worth 2 billion Naira.Basketmouth

Richest Comedians in Nigeria

 3. I Go Dye –  For many, I go dye is the most funny comedian in Nigeria. According to latest report from a close source, he is the CEO of Revamp
Construction Company, a real estate and road Construction Company.
Well, for many, he is the richest comedian in Nigeria. Their point is that his being an Ambassador to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal.
I Go Dye

As at this year, he has an  annual income which is  estimated to be between the sum of 350-500 million Naira. Well the Niger Delta boy has a net worth valued at
over 2 billion Naira.

4. Julius Agwu – I do believe thata the versatile comedian became this wealthy from his two popular events: “Crack Your Ribs and Laugh for Christ Sake” . He is a nollywood super star. According to our source, he charges his customers over  2 million Naira per event. Julius Agwu, is a business like comedian. He has lots of properties situated in almost the 36 states of the federatiom. He is the CEO of Real Laff Entertainment.Julius Agwu

From our recent research, his net worth is about 1.5 billion Naira. Recently, he made over a 20 million Naira from the launch of his book. His annual income stands at 180 million naira yearly.

5. AY – According to a recent survey, people believe that AY rose to stardom at a vey fater rate than that which was expected. He may not be as funny as the likes of Basket mouth, Gordons Ali Baba etc, he sure has a packaging style that is quite different from others. His charging performance fee per night ranges over 2 million Naira per event. He bags home 160 million annually via his A.Y. live events. You see how wealthy he sure is.
AY is a very versatile comedian. Recently, he joined Nollywood and has featured in some good movies along side the likes og Ramsey Noah. AY’s  annual earning is over 280 million Naira.
 He owns the MVP club.

6. Gbenga Adeyinka – This comedian is not that known to many. Th reason is that comedian is  popularly known among top politicians. He is their  choice and as such he is constantly busy with his comedy around that political zone.

He is the owner of  several businesses and properties. His. Laffmattaz show has a population of about 5,000 people in attendance annually. During the show, tickets are all sold out.

7. Okey Bakassi – This comedian has turned into a politician. In fact it was rumored that he contested for one Imo states political offices. Well, whatever the case may be, he is among the richest comedians in Nigerian. Currently, Okey Bakassi is the Senior Special Assistant on entertainment in Imo State. He does shows these days for top politicians across the country. Today his steadily involvement in anchoring upscale events has added to the reason he has become this wealthy.