Top 10 Richest Banks In Nigeria –

Richest Banks In Nigeria – Today i have decided to share this  post so that Nigerians who are wanting to do business with Nigerian Banks, will know what they are in for. As far as the Nation is concerned, there are about 21 lincensed banks. Well we all should know by now that these Banks became much stronger and beter after the Consolidation of the Banking industry by the Charles Soludu Era as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.
In this article, i will be outlining the best Banks in Nigreria based on their world Rankings and how rich they are. This will be done based on their total assests they have.

1. Zenith Bank

The Zenith Bank started operations in 1990 and would later go public in 2004. The Zenith bank now has branches in some other countries in Africa and the UK.

World Ranking: 293rd out of world’s first 1000 banksProfit Before Tax PBT): 59 billion
Shareholders Funds: 3 billion
Total Assets: 14 trillion
Gross Earnings:4 billion
Customer Deposits:27 trillion

2. Guaranty Trust Bank

As far as Africa is concerned, GT Bank is one of the largest and best. The company has initially raised $750,000,ooo from an initial public offer from London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Borse.

World Ranking: 415th out of world’s first 1000 banks
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 09 billion;
Shareholders Funds: 35 billion shareholders
Total Assets: 1 trillion
Gross Earnings: N242 billion
Customer Deposits: 44 trillion

3. First Bank
Customer Deposits; N2.57 trillion
Gross Earnings: 44 billion
Total Assets:25 trillion
Shareholders Funds: 71 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 85 billion
World Ranking: 424th biggest bank in the world

4. Access Bank

This unique bank started operation in the year 1998. Well, they where the bank that acquired the Intercontinental Bank. As at now, they have 309 branches and about 1600 ATM machines across the federation.
Customer Deposits: 33 trillion
Gross Earnings: N207 billion
Total Assets: 8 trillion in total assets
Shareholders Funds: 5 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 9 billion
World Ranking: 532nd out of the first 1000 banks in the world

5. United Bank for Africa
Customer Deposits: 8 trillion
Gross Earnings: N264 billion
Total Assets: 22 trillion
Shareholders Funds: 54 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT):  84 billion
World Ranking: 539th position in the world

6. Fidelity bank
Customer Deposits: N806 billion
Gross Earnings: N127 billion
Total Assets: 08 trillion
Shareholders Funds: N167 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT):  08 billion
World Ranking: 622 of the world’s first 1000 banks

7. Ecobank Nigeria
Customer Deposits: 118 trillion
Gross Earnings: N177 billion
Total asets: N1.146 trillion
Shareholders Funds:  N41 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 53 billion

8. Skye Bank
Customer Deposits: N996 billion
Gross Earnings: N127 billion
Total Assets: 11 trillion
Shareholders Funds: N94 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 13 billion

9. First City Monument Bank
Customer Deposits:  N715 billion
Gross Earnings; N131 billion
Total Assets: 008 trillion
Shareholders Funds: N144 billion
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 2 billion

10. Diamond Bank
Profit Before Tax (PBT): 1 billion
Shareholders Funds: 85 billion
Total Assets: 5 trillion
Gross Earnings: N181 billion gross earnings
Customer Deposits:  206 billion

Richest Banks In Nigeria