Top 10 Most Profitable Business To Start In Nigeria

                                      Top 10 Most Profitable Business To Start In Nigeria

According to R. Kiyasoki, a business is a profitable enterprise that functions without you necessary being there physically. Before you start to talk about opening a profitable business venture, you have to understand some vital key issues that are involved in it. Let no man deceive you about business. The amount of money thrown into a business does not really matter the extent to which that business will grow. We have seen situations where people throw in huge amount of money into a particular business and in less than a year of opening the business, it collapse.

 Do you think the amount of money he put into the business determined his situation? No off-course. We have seen people who have gone into business with little or no money at all and yet have built a financial foundation for their generations yet unborn. I am a living testimony. I started a business with just 4k and today, I have over a hundred employee under me still counting. By may next year, I tend making it a 500 employees under me.
Shortly, I will be teaching us on what business I could start with as low as four thousand naira here in Nigeria and have gone that far to establish a financial freedom.  But before that, I will need to teach us some principles about business.
A. You must understand that in life, it is better you understated the difference between an Assets and a reliability. A reliability is that thing you are engaged in that takes money away from your pocket and nothing. But an assets is that thing you do that adds money and value to your pocket. The question now is what am I engaged into? What am investing my career into? So many people are investing in reliabilities thinking it is assets. Well tank God you have come across this article.
The most important thing you must no is that, though money is powerful but financial education is more powerful. Don’t think by having a business of one billion naira will make that business produce a thousand naira for you. It doesn’t work that way friends.
When a man can get control of his source of income, then he is assured that he is on the right path to financial freedom. In all of these I have been talking, the greatest asset a man has, is his mind. Work on it friends. A great friend and colleague   of mine in business said this. “A mans capacity to think is his Wealth.” Work on your mind.

Now to the real deal for the day. Remember that business is not spelt busy-ness. Because many of us, just go about being busy from place to the other thinking we are into business. No no no. Think well. Like I said, financial education is the thing you will need before we start talking the business that will actually suit the Nigerian society. It could also apply to some African countries.
First and foremost, you must delete the mindset that once you open a business, profits flows in immediately.

 I have conducted several seminars to teach people on this matter. Infact when you establish a business, you have to go through what I call the investing phase of the business. No time here I would have loved to expatiate on this a bit. The whole time you spend building the business is what we call the investing time. At times it takes more than five or lesser years. This must happen no matter how big or small the business is. In business, you learn by doing not by seating in the classroom.
Again, who have to understand the terrain of were you are about establishing your business. Don’t just shy away from opportunities because they will surely not present themselves in the form you will understand. Those people that sees opportunities are those that sees it not with their mere eyes. No opportunities are seen with the mere eyes.
Most people still hold on to that old saying that if you must open a business, you must consider its nearness to market. Well if that’s true and its true, then let’s not forget that a market Is a meeting point of a buyer and a seller. That means a market is anywhere. It can be online, in the street, your home, etc. The point am driving at here is that you can open a business and bring the market down to the business. Don’t just wait n start locating for a business to do that have its foundation closer to the market. Instead, bring the market to you.
Ten Most Profitable Business To Start In Nigeria.
1.NETWORK MARKETING. By now I no have shocked so many by placing on even putting this as either number or considering it at all. Remember when I told you of the business that I started with just 4k and today I am making it big time. Network marking is the business of the 21st century by Robert Kiyasoki and John fleming. In network marketing, you, all you need do is duplicate what you know to your downlines. I would advice you to read a book that transformed my mentality. 21st century business. By Robert Kiyasoki. You must always attend the training of your sponsors. That’s the only way you can grow. Don’t ever think you can make it in network marketing on your own. See your downlines as your employees. Like I said, am into it. if you want more coaching on how I climbed from step one to step 7 in two months which would have taken anyone a year to do, contact me through my mail or comment on the comment box. The truth is this, as a marketer, you are a boss of your own. Let me share with the company I work with?
I work with BF SUMA, ever since I joined them, my life have changed. I no what I earn just two months into the business. If you want to be part of this great family, mail me at

 2. Palm Oil Storage Business

 3. Small Scale Production

 4. Transport And Haulage Business

 5. Plantation Farming