The NYSC 2016 Batch A – Top 5 States With Highest Payment For NYSC

States With Highest Payment For NYSC – When i first received my call up letter as a serving corps member, that was many years ago, i was really not happy because i had wanted to go to states that pay corpers high. As at that time, i didnt even know the states that pays high. And that is why i have decided to make this publication about the states in Nigeria that pays highest to corps members.

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The question is What state in Nigeria do pay the highest State Alawee? The reason for this important question so that  you know where you are going as to plan very well since you will be spending a year in whatever state, you are posted for your National Youth Service Corps. This have led to research conducted by our team to know the Various states that pays the highest of Alawee.

 Please all corps members are to note that this list is talking about what the state government pays their corps members. And for those who are working in private parastatals are likely to get more.

1. Akwa Ibom – they pay 20,000

2. Lagos – they pay 15,000.

3. Enugu – The state government pays 10,000 monthly.

4. Niger – Corps members do earn 6,000 from the state government.

And for the fifth place, there are several states which are all paying 5,000 to the corps members. They include

  1. Osun,
  2. Ekiti,
  3. Ogun,
  4. Delta
  5. Abia.

 Now there are distinctions in these payments. Some local government do pay more than the states. Again, doctors and others who are in the medical field, do get payment which is usually higher than those in other fields of study.  Some of these states do pay serving doctors in the range of  eighty and hundred thousand naira. In Cross River state where i served, they pay some serving doctors up 60 thousand naira monthly.

  Some of these payments are monthly, quarterly, and yearly which is usually at the end of the service year.

 For a state like Bayelsa, the Youth corps members are relatively paid, three thousand naira if they are in Yenegoa, the state capital, four thousand naira if they are on the mainland, and five thousand naira if their primary assignment will require them to cross over the river to the place.

 Please there have been any change to what i have written so far, i stand to be corrected. Just signify by dropping it on the comment box.