The First Bank FirstStars Reality Show Auditioning: Register for Auditioning

 Well i have not posted any of this such in my previous article, but from my team’s investigation, this reality show promises to be a platform o put upcoming stars in stardom. For those who are upcoming Actor, Script Writer, Director, Producer, Art Director. Those who dream to be the next big star in acting, then you should apply for this show and i promise you that you wont regret a thing about it.

According to what we researched on, FirstBank as it where, is very much passionate about the arts, and is partnering with EbonyLife TV, under the First@arts strategic initiative, to produce ‘FirstStars’, a reality TV show and a feature length movie. the ‘FirstStars’, is designed to recognize and support any who thinks they have what it takes to be up there and to the discovery and management of talented youth in the film industry.

 Please all potential applicants should note that this reality show application is open to all Nigerians through a series of auditions and challenges, which will help to identify the brightest talents in five categories: Director, Producer, Art Director, Script Writer and Actor.  And the ultimate aim is to reward winners with cash prizes.

This reality series will be highly engaging and interesting based on the fact that it will capture the process which is involve in the selection of the best talents, and it will also involve the process of inviting the audience to go on an emotional journey of ‘passion’ and ‘people’, two core values of FirstBank. The selected and qualified identified stars as it has been with other reality show will be mentored by professional artists and they will work together on a feature length movie to be premiered by FirstBank and shown on television and in theatres.

According to the Media representative of First bank on the reality show, the FirstBank as it where is truly committed in the promotion of the Creative Arts industry through its strategic initiative- First@arts by which it fosters arts and preserves cultural heritage.

The Basic Requirements for Applications to Audition


Upload a two minute video of yourself acting out the following characters:
–    A  bereaved widow/widower
–    A person who just won Five million dollars (5,000,000)
–    A person totally confused by what just happened
Please Note: Dialogue must be rich, clean and devoid of expletives

Script Writers

For an original story, create the following:
–    Synopsis/Log-line
–    Two-paragraph backstory
–    Character bible
–    Detailed  scene-by-scene breakdown/treatment
–    3-page script in proper script format.
P.S. – Genres may include Comedy, Drama or Horror.

 Art Director

Using the script provided, create the following:
–    A story board depicting the scene
–    A general art direction for set construction, props and costume for the characters

Using the script attached, provide the following:
–    A directors treatment (one page long )
–    One minute Video showing your creative interpretation of the script, unedited and without the use of graphics except for your name and contact details. Must be a straight scene without cuts.
–    Must be in FLV, AVI or MOV format.


Using the script attached, provide the following;
–    Budget
–    Crew breakdown
–    Cast breakdown

 Procedure to How to Apply
  All Interested applicants are expected to visit

The First Bank FirstStars Reality Show Auditioning: Register for Auditioning