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Richest States In Nigeria 2015 By GDP

We will be discussing the various growth strata the Nigerian society have emerged through.
In recent times, The Nigeria economy has experienced some amount growth in recent years. For some, the potentiality of the populace is still untapped.

Richest States In Nigeria 2015 By GDP

For this growth, many states in the country have contributed to these economic growth in the Nigeria.
Some of these states of their economic prowess have for the most attracted foreign investors which have had a tremendous impact on the country’s economy.

Below are the 5 most richest states in Nigeria.

1. Lagos State – To many, this is the America our Nation. Because it is a state that offers equal opportunities to both the rich and the poor. As it stands now, the GDP is $33.67 billion. It is the richest state in Nigeria at the GDP rate.flag

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