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President Buhari’s Interview with Al Jazeera is a MUST WATCH!

 When President Buhari started his political campaign for the 2015 presidential elections, i was one of those major Nigerians who wanted him to succeed the already failed administration of the People”s Democratic Party under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. Infact the change agenda brought hope to Nigeria at the time when the country was a quagmire of a failed state.pmb

Truth be told, his accession to power was not based on his previous credibility but for the fact that Nigerians where tired of a faceless 16 years of rule that have left the Nation in shambles of what it should be. Prior to his coming to power, the country enjoyed about 140 dollar t a barrel of oil which was the major source of income for the Nation. We must not shy away from the truth.
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