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How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

How To Become A Nollywood Star – How To Be An Actor | Actress In Nigeria

Recently, i was in a seminar where persons were taught on How To Become a Nollywood / Nigerian Movie Star

  It was a mind blowing encounter. And i have decided to make it known to those who must have had the desire to become a Nollywood star. Believe me, if you will go through this vividly ell, you are sure on your way to that very top where you are meant to be.gene

You may not know me because I like been behind the camera and many people I have given an advice has ended up been a popular actor/actress. I know right now many of our home videos are nothing to write home about but I am giving you my word, Nigeria Nollywood will get there. How? i don’t know. And how you are be a part of the Nigeria Nollywood is what I will be sharing to you. I hope you will take some time out and read this article very well and you will end up been a star in the movie industry. Read more…

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