Stop killing The Biafran People. The BIAFRA – Nigeria Saga.

The BIAFRA – Nigeria Saga – When a government decides to kill her own citizens in the name of keeping the Unity and Integrity of the Nation as one then it becomes a government I have called Killocracy.

When a man is forced to stay in a land where he feels unsafe, unsecured, impoverished, maltreated etc, then it has turned into slavery. No man or group or a people be held against their wish especially when it does not affect the very survival and existence of others.biafra
We have experienced the Pogrom of the 1960s and the Civil war that followed. All these were one sided.

The Eastern people of Nigeria bore about 99.9 percent of the nemesis of these aforementioned atrocities.  After the Civil war, no general was brought to book for crimes they committed during the war. But we keep hearing on the Radio, television and newspapers how warlords across Africa are being held, judged in the international court at Hayes. f

Those from Rwanda, Sierra loen, etc are being sent to jail for various crimes they committed during some sort of wars in their countries. But up till date, the likes of T Y Danjuma who committed various degrees of crimes during the Civil war in Asaba are been spared. Recently a picture of our darling president Buhari was displayed why he gave orders to troops under his command to kill innocent women and children. Yet known of these men were even tried at least to prove their cases if they were guilty or not.

Now the people of Biafra have been going about a peaceful demonstration for a Nation long denied them and yet were that these people are been shut. Only yesterday a little girl of about 21 years old by name Nkiruka Anthonia Ikeanyionwu a sister to Vivian Gist was shut dead with no arms found on her. Everyday we criticise the acts of Gadaffi when he allowed troops loyal to him open fire on Protesters. Is he, President mauhammadu Buhari any different? Why the shooting? This should be checkmated before it gets out of hand.

Some years back, these people wanted out from this country they felt Nigeria have not protected her people, they were denied of that chance by the combined forced of the Americans, British and their Arch rival Russia. It was only on the Biafra – Nigeria saga did Britain join forces together with their enemy Russia to fight a Nation that was termed by the British Parliament as the “Japan of Africa”. a nation that would have been the Sun light of Africa.

Many will be wondering if I am a pro Biafra activist or a sympathizer? Well, I will prefer the lesser. Yes it is true that Gowon did what he was met to do to protect the territorial oneness of Nigeria which resulted to the killings of over 3 million Easterner and about two hundred and fifty Nigerian Soldiers. Now the question is this? Does this country what dieng for? A country that promotes corruption from scratch to top? Does your life and mine worth the survival of this Nation? This same government were there when the Hausa under the watchful eyes of the police and army killed thousands of Igbo in the North in the early 1960s. Nobody was arrested. The killings never stopped. Today similar thing is almost happening o and the federal Government are doing nothing about it. Let these people express their themselves as they are doing so long they are harming anyone. If you say these people are armed, the little that was killed was having nothing on her. I am not for or against Biafra. I am only being concerned.

In Spain, there was a referendum and the process went smoothly and the people of Catalonia are now free to go their way. In Britain, there also one which involved the Scottish people but the people choose  to stay and remain in Britain.

I believe this is what should be done. Let there be a referendum. Let the people decide through the ballot paper if they still want to remain or not. The killings is getting out of hand and if not checkmated now, what happened in 1963 is not far fetched.

Now to my brothers from another region (Biafra) no life is worth the very existence of this Nation. I can preach the laying down of our lives for the Gospel but certainly not for a country that have not done much for its citizenry. Let’s push the federal government to accepting a referendum for you people. I believe in your cause. I share in your dreams. We all want a better life and surely we ain’t seeing it that way. I believe that Lt Odumegwu Ojukwu saw today some years ago. And believed there was no hope for his clan and decided to pull out. But the forces that be, killed that ambition. Maybe and just maybe Gowon should apologise to the people of the East.

 I will rest my case here and hopefully I will continue soon. But untill then, let’s not forget that it is very impossible to keep togather those you kill in the name of One Nigeria. I believ in Nigeria, yes I do but what I do not believe is the government of the day. I have no hope in their ability. What they have showed us since they arrived power has not provided any basis for one to have faith in them. A country as rich as Nigeria still has one of the worst ratio of unemployment. A country that wants to show us sign of better things to do, should first of all diversify the economy. We depend solely on oil. When the price falls in the international market, we at home buy at high prices and we suffer the burnt of global fall of oil prices.

A government that is not accountable to the people that gave them the mandate. During campaign they almost will go down on their kneels begging for vote. But when it becomes victory for them, it becomes a great loss for the poor masses who voted them into power.

We all know that 75 percent of the people on Nigeria are poor. That means 25 percent are the rich. But the government will rather put constitutions and rules to favour the 25 percent over the large 75 percent.

I don’t want to live in a country like that. But what do we do? My people are firmly in support of one Nigeria. Yeah. But for you guys, that’s not the song for the day.

 I wish you guys good luck in your pursuit. And maybe God is telling the Egyptians (Nigeria) “let my people go”.

In my next Epistle, I will be discussing the positive effect when the Biafrans are allowed to go.

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