Steam Registration – Download Steam For PC, Mobile. Steam Sign In

Steam Registration – Download Steam For PC, Mobile. Steam Sign In

This exciting application is an entertainment platform where those who are registered can play games, connect to themselves, where they can create games and also watch games. This entertainment platform, is new to many. It was not long enough ago i knew about this entertainment application.

So you will be wondering what kind and particular kind of device. The steam application has different version for your PC, MAC, LINUX and for your mobile phones. On this article, i will be teaching you on how you can create a free Steam account, how you can sign in, and how you being a registered member can add friends in your steam account.
It doesnt really matter what device you are using, be it a PC, MAC, LINUX BOX, or a mobile device, you can always enjoy the goodies and benefits of the steam application. The Steam application do offer a wide range of catalog of PC, mac, linux box. Many of these do support steam application. This means that you can buy a game and once and you can play it anywhere. It also uses cross platform multiplier. This shows that, as a registered member, you can play the steam application game with your friends anywhere they may be. Be it in London, New York etc. So long you are a registered member and thy are all logged in.

The steam application has over 3, 500 games from action to indie. This include everything in between. In Steam, you will enjoy quality deals, automatic games updates etc.

 Below i have listed the possible and easiest steps involve in the registering a steam account. I will still be tutoring you on how you can download the steam application on your PC, Mac, Linux box and your mobile device.

  How To Register A Steam Account- Steam Sign Up.

1.  You are to visit the official registration portal at www.

2. You are to Click on the “join steam” menu.

3. At this point, a “create an account” page will be opened for you. All that you are to do is to fill the required correct information. Which should include your name, a valid email address, your place of origin, your place of residence, your date of birth etc.

4. Now you are to click the agreement box. Which means you have you have agreed to the terms and conditions of steam.

5. Just click “Create my Account”

That’s all you need and low and behold, you have created a Steam account. Please always remember to keep your paaword safe. Your username must something you can always remember.

Sign In Steam Account – Steam Login Free Account.

If you must sign in to your steam account, then you must have been a registered member of he steam community. This means that, you must have a username and a password. The following are the process you can pass through while signing up.

1. Go to the official sign up portal of steam at

2. You are to click the “login” button

3. Now, enter your username name and your password which you used while you opened your steam account.

How To Add Friends On Your Steam Account.

The process at which you will pass through while you are to add friends on your steam account, is a very easy passage. But it could be very straineuous for those who are not quite acquainted with the process. Well i will be showing us the easy steps involved in adding friends on your Steam account.

Now you will have to login to your steam account, right down the bottom of your screen, you will a write that shows your profile picture. Close to it, there also a write that goes like this ” view friends list”

2. Immediately you click that button that ask you to view friend list, a small window will be brought up showing your friends on display.

3. Now this is where you can add friends. A window will be showed to you here that says “Add Friend” Click on it.

4. Now all you are to do is to input your friends username and him or her a friends request.

5. Whenever they see the request, and accept the request, then they will be added to your friends list.

That’s all it requires to have a Steam account. Like i told you before, its a simple procedure. I hope we have satisfied you. But if you have a question or contribution, please drop it on the comment box. Thanks……..