SEE How To Get A UK Number In Nigeria

How To Get A UK Number In Nigeria – I decided to put this up because I want to help many of those who wish to get a UK number while they are still in Nigeria. So a getting a UK number in Nigeria is as simple as anything all you need do is follow the instructions laid down here.

What does it mean to get a UK number in Nigeria? It simply means one changing his Nigerian +234 to UK’s +44. The question now is if this sounds suspicious, fishy or questionable? The introduction and start of the number changing was for business people who wanted a one time dealing with probably a supplier or a client.

So these Numbers were now changed in other to protect the true and actual identity of the person. It should be noted that the already changed number is given out but after the business transaction is done, then the number is changed back to cut off communication.

As have been reported and investigated, many persons do use this tip for some kind of shady deals. For those who want to change their Nigerian number to a UK one can follow these simple procedures.

Visit or

You are to click on the register menu and correctly fill out the registration form provided on the portal.

Note: As you are registering the number, you will be asked to put your phone number in a box where “234” has already been prefixed because your internet IP would have already shown that you are browsing from Nigeria.

You are to remove the first “0” from your own number before imputing it in the suffix space behind the “234”.

You ate now to click on Register and wait for a little while say about a munit .

Then go to your email and check the mail, ie the one you used in registering for your new UK number.
Now the mail would contain a number, a pin and their headline number. Please do Write them down as you would need those for activation.

You are to Call the headline number (NOT the new number). Again you will be asked to press the new number given to you; make sure you press it. You would also be asked to press the pin given to you; press it.

After all these things, You will be told that your UK number has now been activated. That is all you will need.

For you to confirm your activation and to know if it’s now working and ready for use; With another phone, call the number that was sent to your mail. Don’t call it the way it looks; that is, remove the
first zero and add “+44” (If the number sent to you was “080567890416”, remove the first “0” and call “+4480567890416”

With this, it should probably ring on the number you registered with on their site and that is the reason you should put your real number.

Note: Please note that this service is free and there is no renewal or expiry period.
It is also possible that you can remove, add and change the number
Below are the procedure for changing number.

1. log to the aforementioned site, select “My numbers” and make your
desired changes.

As it where, this procedure takes about 4 – 5 minutes and one of the very good advantages of this pattern is that it saves your loved ones in UK the extra charge for international calls. So you can give them the number and they will be charged at local call rates while they call you.

How To Get A UK Number In Nigeria