Salary And Allowances Of NASS Members –

There have been a lot of controversy surrounding the exact amount of salary the Nigerian National Assembly do get at the end a month or the end of a year. But according to the report our team of analysis got from Vanguard, we have been able to put that to rest.
According to a detailed research analysis, that was carried out by the National Institute of Legislative Studies, NILS, apparently worried by growing public outcry against the Nigerian lawmakers, on Friday, has released a document that shows how much the federation law makers do receive monthly or quarterly. This earnings shows the exact amount the 109 Senators and 360 members of the Nigerian House of Representatives.

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According to the documents that was made available by our team of experts gotten from a reliable source, in Abuja on Friday, showed that the Nigerian National lawmakers earn unarguably one of the least salaries comparing legislators in the world, as against the notion that their pay was the highest.

The NILS gave a breakdown the monthly take-home pay of each Nigerian lawmaker. They also gave a comparative figure of nine other countries.

 According to the figures released, shows that while a Nigerian Senator gets an annual basic salary of N2,026,400,00 a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives goes home with N1,985,212, 50 per  year.

Apart from the usual salary the law makers do receive, they also take home a huge amount of allowances which will increase their salary to N12, 902, 360.00 while their House of Representatives counterpart goes home with N9,525,985.50 annually.

According to the report from NILS, for the four year tenure which the lawmakers stay in the NASS, the  Federal government Government spends a total of  N1, 406,357,240.00 as basic salary on the 109 Senators and N3,428,994,780.00 on the 360 members that constitutes the National House of Representatives.

Below are the breakdown of the allowances are on NASS: Vehicle fuelling/maintenance, Constituency, Domestic Staff, Personal Assistant, Entertainment, Recess, Utilities, Newspaper/Periodicals, Houses Maintenance, Wardrobe, Estacode, Duty Tour, which according to NILS attract more money available to the lawmakers than their basic salaries.

The Nigerian law makers also do earn a special amount in every four-year period on Accommodation,  vehicle loan, furniture, and severance allowance, which make every Senator take home a whooping sum of N24,090,000.00 and a House of Representatives member to go home with N23,822,00.00 within the same duration of service.

With this analysis, for every four year which a which a senator stays in power or a member of the federal house of representatives stays in the NASS, the Nigerian Federal Government spends N2,625, 810,000.00 on accommodation, vehicle loans, furniture and severance gratuity on the 109 senators and N8,575,920,000.00 on the 360 House of Representatives members.

With this analysis above, the total expenditure of the government on NASS comes to N33, 992, 360 for the senators and N33,347, 985, 50 on the members of the HoR.

This figures puts Nigerian on 9 in the pegging order of highest

It should be noted that the monies Nigerian lawmakers earn from their oversight functions and other sources make them big money earners.

We are going to show you the other countries who tops Nigeria in the pegging order.

A global comparative report made available by the NILS indicates that lawmakers in the Philippines earn the highest annual basic salary of $4, 497,957, followed by their counterparts in the United States of America where a Senator goes home with $3,409,422 while a member of the US House of Representatives takes $1,429,909 home annually.
The report also shows that lawmakers in Kenya who earn $968,013 per annum followed by their counterparts in Australia who take home $646,230 while those in the United Kingdom go home with £494,285.43.

The list continues by lawmakers from India, who earn $474,484, Singapore with $253,469, and Tanzania with $230,961.