RCCG 64th Annual Convention Updates – Redeemed Christian Church Of God

 RCCG 64th Annual Convention – Redeemed Christian Church Of God

This publication about the RCCG 64th Annual Convention Updates, i s actually to bring to those who couldn’t make it to the RCCG Arena for the RCCG 64th Annual Convention.  So we will be bringing to you the latest happenings.

From what we have gathered based on our team who are onground at the venue of the RCCG 64th Annual Convention, it has been gathered that the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, ordained a total of 8,151 persons to assist the mission and help in the day to day ministering of the Church based on the fast growth the church is experience.


We all could still recall that last years own was 9,170 persons that were ordained.

For the newly ordained 4,412 deacons and 3,739 deaconesses to do exploits in their various calling, they were admonished to ensure that they give a lot of priority to the Word of God and pray in their individual lives and ministry.

 According to Pastor Charles Achonwa the President/founder of Doulos Ministries who made the appeal in a sermon admonished the newly newly ordained 4,412 deacons and 3,739 deaconesses during the ongoing 64th annual Convention of RCCG, at the Redemption Camp, Kilometer 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to be steadfast in prayers,

Pastor Achonwa who preached on the topic “Thy Word is settled” told the congregation that for any minister of God to enjoy the actual fullness of God, he/she must allow the Word of God to change their attitude, lifestyle and also activate it in their individual lives.
  • RCCG Convention 2016 Programme

8.30-10.00AM Ordination of Deacons & Deaconesses
8.30PM 1. House Fellowship Leaders & Workers meet
Council Meet
RCCG 64th Annual Convention 2016 Programme-schedules


8.30-10.00AM Ordination of Asst. Pastors
2.30-4.00PM Children of God meet
4.30 -6.30PM Special seminars 1-6
8.30PM Welcome Service (Plenary Session 1)


8.30-10.00AM Bible college graduation
10.00AM – 12NOON: Mummy GO holds meeting with missionaries
2.30-4.00PM Special seminars 1-13
4.30 -6.30PM Melody Hour
8.30PM Plenary Session 2


8.30-10.00AM Plenary Session 3
10.30AM -12noon Plenary Session 4
2.30-4.00PM Special seminars 1-13
4.30 -6.30PM Service of Songs
8.30PM Deliverance Service (Plenary Session 5)


8.30-10.00AM Plenary Session 6
10.30AM -12 NOON Bible study
4.30 -6.30PM Youth Hour
8.30PM Holy Ghost Service (Plenary Session 7 & 8)


8.30-10.00AM Questions & Answers
10.30AM -12NOON 1. Baptism service
Elders meeting
Good women’s forum
2.30-4.00PM Special seminars 1-13
4.30 -6.30PM Children’s hour
8.30PM Holy Communion Service (Plenary Session 9)


8.30-10.00AM Ordination of Pastors & Farewell service

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  1. Shmee Silvanus Aondohemba. says:

    Serving God is such a great privilege. May God grant all his servants in de 21st century and the unborn generation Eternal life according to his mercy for by arms of flesh shall no man prevail.

  2. Shmee Silvanus Aondohemba. says:

    To them that endures to them end, to them shall be crowned the crown of glory on the last day, never give up your faith; God recommends his elects while on earth, giving them hope of spending Eternity:(Abraham,
    Job, Enoch, Mary, Moses, Christ etc). Will your faith please God; is your salvation made sure for spending eternity?

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