Pro Biafra Protest In Portharcourt Rivers State

Sometimes, it is not wise to challenge the very verdict of some experts in a particular field of study. Some time ago, it was predicted by some political experts that Goodluck Jonathan might be the last President to rule a united Nigeria. And others said in 2015, Nigeria will divide. Well, as it is, non of these verdicts and predictions have had their ways. But, don’t you think we are beginning to see some of the manifestations of these expert judgments? some will say God will not permit the division of Nigeria. Yes as it may stand. But are we sure God does not want the reverse? What if God is in support of this? We all knew how many lives were lost during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil war. Over 2 million persons where killed.

These were the blood of human beings. Yet the blood of these ones did not and have not quenched the taste for a Biafran Repulblic by the the Eastern people of Nigeria. Are we going slay more innocent lives and blood in the name of one Nigeria? Does it worth it? President Goodluck Jonathan said, “Nobody’s live is worth his presidential ambition’.

Are we sure Nigeria as a voice isn’t saying the same thing? Does the fact that we want to keep Nigeria as one end up claiming the lives of those She promise to safeguard? Why don’t our leaders come to a compromise and call for a national dialogue and see how things can be sorted out. One, there was a civil war in America when California wanted to break out.

 After that, they never brought up the issues. Cant we allow history to teach us?Why don’t we ask California why they never agitated for self governance again? The reason is not far fetched. These people are not feeling the sweetness of the federal government, state government, and the local government. The centre is weak and so therefore the sides cannot hold their ground.

It was reported that about three states of the federation had a rough time with protest from the Indigenous People if Biafra.
Some of the protesters stormed Parthacourt the capital territory of River state. Though it was a peaceful protest. The songs being sang where war songs. These protest where carried out in Delta state, Anambra state and River state.
Most of the agitators where business people. One of their basic demand is the unconditional release of Mr Kanu Namdi.  Some of the protesters said ” our leader have been apprehended, but now we want him released and free the sovereign state of Biafra.