President Buhari’s Interview with Al Jazeera is a MUST WATCH!

 When President Buhari started his political campaign for the 2015 presidential elections, i was one of those major Nigerians who wanted him to succeed the already failed administration of the People”s Democratic Party under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. Infact the change agenda brought hope to Nigeria at the time when the country was a quagmire of a failed state.pmb

Truth be told, his accession to power was not based on his previous credibility but for the fact that Nigerians where tired of a faceless 16 years of rule that have left the Nation in shambles of what it should be. Prior to his coming to power, the country enjoyed about 140 dollar t a barrel of oil which was the major source of income for the Nation. We must not shy away from the truth.
The previous administration was faulty as to why the country is still where it is now. But with what the country is going through now, i doubt if he Mr president will see to his four years in power. The most shocking scenero is that the Nigeria number one citizen seems not to know the happenings in Nigeria. Have seen the way he addresses some key issues why asked? I wounder if he still thinks he is in a military uniform.

Seven months to his presidency, he has made 70 travels. Infact, he is viewed back home as a visiting president whenever he is in the country.

This article is about his latest interview with We will be analyzing how he responded to questions fielded to him. An we will be documenting some responses from well meaning Nigerians.

 Question – The Nigerian president is seeking support for his crackdown on corruption and to encourage much-needed investment in his country’s ailing economy.

Answer – If it [devaluing the naira] is against our national interest, why can’t we go against the IMF advice?

Muhammadu Buhari , president of Nigeria

Qatar is the current president of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer.

The low oil price has a devastating impact on the Nigerian economy, which has long depended on the export of oil.

“We were unable to diversify our economy, hence we are much more disadvantaged by the lower oil prices,” Buhari says.

Buhari tells us he values the institution of OPEC and that “Nigeria will make the necessary sacrifice to remain in OPEC.”

With a chorus of voices, including from the IMF, calling for the Nigerian government to devalue the naira, Buhari says he will not reconsider his insistence on freezing the currency. Buhari says as Nigeria “virtually imports everything, from rice to toothpicks”, it cannot afford to devalue its currency.

“If it is against our national interest, why can’t we go against the IMF advice?” Buhari asks.

Buhari’s election campaign rode on pledges to root out corruption and quash the armed group Boko Haram. Yet, Boko Haram remains active in many areas of Nigeria, seemingly able to strike at will.

And many questions are being asked about whether Buhari’s anti-corruption drive is yielding results and if newer forms of corruption are emerging with a freeze on the naira.

 He also explains why he believes the security of his country is best served by being part of the Saudi-led Islamic anti-terrorism coalition announced in December 2015.

 This is totally nonsense. Nigeria is a circular state and at such there should be no Saudi-led Islamic anti-terrorism coalition in fighting the insurgents. He is just looking for excuses for not have defeated Boko Haram as he promised he will end the insurgent before the end of 2015.

 He could even tell Martine Dennis that he hasn’t failed in his promise to defeat Boko Haram and that the group has been weakened considerably since he came to power. Well, he may have said a fact here but has he delivered in ending the insurgent as he promised the Nation?

 When he was asked about the 25,000 dollars (10 million naira) met for the vice president to buy books alone. He said he will confirm the news WHEN HE GETS BACK. Well, this is very disturbing to me. He wrote the budget and submitted it to the senate and yet he still wants to go home and confirm it? woah. so so funny.

 If that information is true and it is true, that means 10 million naira will be budgeted for books for the vice president and maybe his will be twice of the same amount. Whereas 4 million naira was budgeted for books for the entire federal National institutions. What a shame that Nigeria have been taken for granted by the PMB administration Now the hash word for almost all Nigerian, is ‘bringbackcorruption” ie bring back corruption.

 Well lets take some of the various people.

Marie Antoinette

This too shall pass…in 3 and half years or less. God dey


Amen. Buhari is a big mistake. Why would a President not talk to his citizens at home?. Every major news has been relayed from outside the country… Leadership often looks easy from the outside. Now that he has what he has desired since he was booted out, he does not know what to do with it. I hope his handlers can reign him in and together fashion a realistic way forward for the country. Right now, Nigeria is on auto pilot. March 6, 2016 at 8:00 pm

The system creates corruption on every level, we have never had a good president that actually serves the people. So is every man for himself, the word corruption is used loosely, you can only be corrupt in a organize system, that actually serves the people religiously but we never had. The system onLy promotes further acts against humanity. How can you say tough luck to people abroad. you clearly show that you are not here to serve us ( Nigerians even though we abroad). The educational system is corrupt, I am here in one of the best schools in the world that spreads feminism, equity, humanity and they actually practice it like that’s all they know, all the things Nigerians will never teach me. Its sad. We are not even asking you to dash us money but please stop charging us ridiculously for everything, in every 150 withdrawal the maximum from Atm ( I get 50 dollars charge without statement). No dollars available,

Cabrini March 6, 2016 at 2:23 pm

I dey come


God is watching you in 3D, so basically even other person can go screw themselves if they can’t afford to buy dollars at this current exchange rate, but your own kids are clearly more special than the rest of us, so they deserve to continue with their own studies but others don’t. NA wa
Love this! 49

This man never cease to amaze someone, well what do you expect from a leader who is being insensitive towards its citizens.

Lagos is my home
Hummm i had very high hopes for Buhari but so far he has been a major let down…. no vision no governance nothing. Just empty EFCC noise up and down

While i am disappointed i feel he still better than GEJ
Iris March 6, 2016 at 3:41 pm

That’s what people forget. It isn’t like there was a wealth of options. There are probably people who would not have voted for Buhari if the person he was running against was more competent than GEJ. The problem is no one pays attention to independent parties.


Bless time let’s focus on smaller independent parties with tested contestants


Why isn’t he granting interviews to Nigerian journalists? This is disturbing! I would like to see him on Rubbing Minds..On Channels TV.. I would love to see him being interviewed by a tough Nigerian journalist. . Unfortunately, it’s as if the popular ones are not politically serious. We are not serious in this country. We don’t even take ourselves seriously. Kai! Our TV stations need to step up! I look forward to that day when western presidents will be interviewed on Nigerian airwaves,and it will mean something!

Baba just keeps globe trotting.. Buying favor with the rest of the world but his own people! A good Nigerian would have handled this interview better!

I love this man!

I didn’t expect much from him so much from him I’m not disappointed.

Okay so he should provide scarce hard currencies to Nigerians who by choice must send their children to school. Tomorrow you will open your mouth to say I am a self made man or woman and bad mouth this country to no end.

The sad fact is the nations sole means of survival is selling dirt cheap in the market. Some things just have to give. It’s not only affecting the importation of education it’s affecting the importation of everything. Yes O everything, from tooth pick to tissue paper. From imported water (yes, in case you don’t know we do import water) to tomatoes.

I am an importer but instead of badmouthing my dear country I have redirected my energies to local food processing and livestock production and from what I have seen so far in the course of these new ventures, “the Land is green” literally and figuratively.

I know the past times of BN commenters is to rubbish my dear country but remember it is this same country you run to when Donald Trump and his Fascist minions run you out of town.

In my various travels I have seen how hardworking Nigerians outside the country are and it never ceases to amaze me if they realize they can make so much more here if they apply that same level of dedication here. Don’t give me that “there are no opportunities in Naija”; look beyond the obvious. Nigeria does not start and end in Lagos there are opportunities in the hinterlands. Where ever things are not working there will you find boundless opportunities to do good and make money at the same time.

So nwanna stop putting my country down and get real do some real work. Naija for life.

Great points! But it’s unfortunate that most Nigerian parents have resulted to sending their children abroad. It’s not anyone’s fault the tertiary education system is below par. Everyone wants the best and to be competitive and so even “iya basiras” hustle hard and have their kids going to schools abroad. If uncle Buhari wants to lead by example, he should start by sending his children to institutions in Nigeria and encourage Nigerians to stay within the country. The majority of the people in politics have kids abroad and probably only use imported goods. You can’t be telling the populace to do something when you’re not doing it yourself! 2019 is coming sha. And if he thinks he’s getting re-elected, he’s actually jonzing. ??

Pretty girl
As in Tolani he is jonzing better one he won’t even try and come out again for second term na dey no born am well

debby dibs
If GEJ were here, a) BH might still be an issue (as it still is now. Building our capacity for military intelligence will take time irrespective for who is CIC and the networks between BH and ISIL make this battle complicated); b) Our economic response to the crude oil price fall would have been more robust – our minister would have a clear roadmap and the corruption enabled by the difference in parallel and official forex markets would have been eliminated; c) we would not selectively ban imports in ways that feed into corruption – I am sure Dangote’s inputs are not banned. Its our poor Aba and Onitsha brothers that are crying under the weight of this policy; d) our budget would be reasonable – comparisons made by BudgIT show increases in allocations across the board when you compare GEJs budget to PMBs budget and for useless things – N322 million cable connection to drivers toilets for example; e) we would not be deceiving ourselves about addressing corruption (no one has been convicted under dasukigate, security votes that enabled dasukigate are STILL in the budget); f) the budget would have been passed by now and action would have started (ministers are all sitting ducks too scared to take action for fear of convictions according to Reuters. everything has to be approved by chief of staff and they cannot get meetings with PMB). All the action we see currently is backed by GEJs 2015 budget and projects he started that are ongoing/recently completed). No 2016 budget is even on the floor for debate yet. We can wait for 2019 to reach the conclusion we can reasonably reach now. We made a mistake. PMB was unprepared. Baring a miracle, he will run is into the ground like he did in 83-85…

Udegbunam Chukwudi March 6, 2016 at 4:26 pm
LMAO. This man ain’t got no chill. Haha. He’s saying the truth sha. The country is a mess right now so na to begin adjust expectations. Some of us wey dey do online masters don begin take leave of absense until we can study again at the current exchange rate.

The annoying thing sef is that more Nigerians are still applying to study overseas and will increase the burden on the small dollars wey we get so what are we saying.

Poor people don dey cry for this country since and now “rich” people are affected we wan begin act like say na today the suffer start.

Some folks including the president PROBABLY prepared for this mess so they can still afford to send their kids abroad. I can only fault the man if he’s easily accessing forex for his kids education from CBN. *we no go ever know that one sha*

I hope Mr President learns from this, it goes to show u that the world is watching u. U see how well informed the lady was…fearless with direct questions, quoting facts about our budget and all. Our naija journalists shud take a cue from that. Buhari needs to wake up, he’s still living in the military era and needs to know Nigeria is now in ‘democrazy’ so he has to step up and stop blaming every single thing on the past govt. Agreed that the past regime didn’t do well but he was well aware of the before sitting on that chair. Imagine his comment abt parents who can’t pay the fees of their kids abroad! It’s high time we make our leaders accountable or else we’ll go nowhere. May God see us thru and give us the wisdom and courage to do the right thing.

CJ March
This is disappointing in some respects. How can you welcome the idea of dialogue with a murderous group like Boko Haram, and refuse to even entertain such thoughts against largely peaceful IPOB? I’m not in support of any militant group, but this reeks of bias. Again, you should not dampen expectations regarding defeating Boko Haram. Your promise was to defeat them by Dec 2015, not to reduce them to being able to attack soft targets only.

Ayoka March 6, 2016 at 6:07 pm
So says the man who doesn’t care that his fulani brothers are doing worse things than Boko Haram

Nigerians !!! When are we going to sacrifice to better Nigeria as a whole?? When?? When ?? The country is in a effing MESS! and if we continue to patch patch one day there will be no Nigeria.
I am ready to suffer this harsh climate if I know my children will be better off in the future. I want a country where there will be no need for kids to go to school abroad.
I am ready for free money not to be flying around into my pocket because they have eliminated corruption and doing business and government work in Nigeria becomes normal.
I am ready for temporary elevation of the price of power if at the end of the day we have total power supply in the country in the future
The only issue is that will I be guaranteed all these after the suffering?
That’s the question we need to ask our leaders and if we have faith that things can get better

Very disappointing interview

Ada Ada
I find it funny when people say that Buhari is a disappointment. This is who he was, is and will always be; a stubborn man. The Buhari that came into power as a military president is the same phenomenon that has been voted into power as a democratic ruler. He is a very proud and stubborn man. His refusal to participate in the presidential debate during the election campaigns is an insight to the kind of president he was going to be. We just have to deal with who he is and lend our support to his government.
Things don’t get better until it gets worse. Maybe just maybe everything will be fine. Let’s keep hope alive.

Buhari was a huge mistake! I can now clearly see that!

I’m not disappointed at all,I totally agree with him,he is been frank and honest,the more we invest in our country the better,let’s not be deceived by ourselves Buhari is working and if we patiently follow him,Nigeria will get better cos this man is taking drastic slow moves that is and will affect every single person.

it is very very saddening to listen to a president speak with such nonchalance towards his citizens, i read the book “the Vision” by the Leader of Dubai and what struck me the most was the overwhelming love the Leader Sheikh Al-Makhtoum and his fathers before himself had for their nation and their people seeing themselves as one with their people and not as an entity separate from their people… news flash ; BUHARI DOES NOT SEE HIMSELF AS ONE OF US!!

The closest we have gotten to leaders who actually CARED for the WELL-BEING of their citizens was GEJ (even though he was a sheep surrounded by wolves) and YAKUBU GOWON, these were men who did UNCOMMON things to protect the lives and properties of their citizens and whether we accept it or not these are the qualities that make a TRUE LEADER, SELFLESSNESS, SOLIDARITY, SACRIFICE, FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

I have tried over and over again to see beyond this man’s agenda and believe he has something good in store for this nation but over and over again he falls hand!!! As a leader you said “this is the situation we find ourselves” yet your own kids are still in those schools, why not lead by example for a change, since you claim to be such a pious and upright man, and be the FIRST to withdraw your children from those foreign universities, if you feel the standards are too low, then start working tirelessly to raise the educational system while doing something to cushion the fall of others in foreign schools as well, let your change begin from there not sitting on your high horse and saying those who can afford it should go ahead and pay while those who cant can get fucked in the ass COS YOU DON”T GIVE A SHIT!!! that’s the basic layman interpretation of what you said, Mr President, habaaaaaa!!! in your 16 years of campaigning didn’t you learn a thing or two, oh how can i forget, no time to learn anything as you were just blinded by the ambition to get here JUST to prove a point..You have proved it, Well done Sir, your ignorance is on steroids.

I live for the day that Nigeria will have a president that sees beyond religion and tribe and sees human beings, living, breathing, flesh blood and bones like himself or herself and has compassion for the people not because of the god they bow to but because they are HUMAN BEINGS just like him or her….

may we all live to see that day, only then will our country be truly great again….


President Buhari’s Interview with Al Jazeera is a MUST WATCH! Talks ForEx for Nigerian Students Abroad, Biafra, Boko Haram

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