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Does this come as a surprise to you guys? Well, don’t be. Many would be wondering what www.outlook.com is all about. And that’s why I am putting up this article to satisfy your curiosity. Now the www.outlook.com is an upgrade of the www.hotmail.com. Which means its the better version of www.hotmail.com.

For the sake of first timers, the www.outlook.com is available to all. So if you register, you can stay connected to your friends who are also members for as long as you people want to. This services also make use of powerful organizational equipment and a suite of Microsoft apps and services. Now you have gotten a tip of what www.outlook.com is all about. Also remember that this services will also help you save messages, send messages, documents and files to other mail users all over the world. All you need to do right now, is to fasten your seat belt and follow the guidelines I will be showing you guys right away.

Features www.Outlook.com Mail Account
The www.outlook.com as it where, is a  free and it is also a new email service which is offered by Microsoft. The www.outlook.com also offer 7GB of free storage space on One Drive which is meant to store and to share your files with other around the globe. www.outlook.com has the ability and capacity to send large file attachments (up to 20 MB). When you are fully registered  and you have gotten an account, you will enjoy the luxury to  use www.Outlook.com Web App to access the email, contacts, and calendar in your
Office for your business or other Microsoft Exchange based email. And this can be done through your phone or PC web browser.
How to Create Outlook mail Account Free – Outlook.com Sign Up

Like I have shared with you before, this services called www. Outlook.com Sign Up page is a free service page which is meant to create a free Microsoft mail account.

Just follow the steps I have listed below.

1. The firs procedure to take is that you Visit the new Outlook.com Mail official Sign up page. There will be a registration form you will be required to fill.

 2. You are to enter your first name  and last name in the space provided.

 3. On the required form, you are to select your birthday under Birth date.

 4. Still on the form, you will have to make a choice under Gender status. Your are to fill either you are a male or a female or you can click others.

 5. At this point, you will be presented an option to click on get a new email address under Microsoft account name for new comers or quit the entire process.

 6. This particular stage is very significant. This is the stage you are to choose your desired user name

 7. Choose the desired domain following @ (outlook.com by default).

 8. On this box, you are to enter and make a choice om your desired password which must be more than 7 alphabets or numbers. You always remember your your password at all times else you can’t long in to www.outlook.com. For me,  Its better to add number and upper and lower letters so that no one can temper with it.

 9. This is where many loose their various mails. You must choose one or more means to recover your account should incase any eventuality comes up whereby you couldn’t access your maill. Because you will be required to provide a recovery mail. So try and make sure you choose a functional mail, or skip the stage.

10. There is box that will require you to enter your valid phone bumber. Maje sur you enter a phone number under the Phone number box. Remember a valid and a functional mail.

11. At this stage, you will be required to provide an alternative email  address that you can be accessed under alternative email address.

12. At this point, you are to set up a security question and answer the question. You can also decide to  choose a security question. When you Choose a suggested security question under Security question, you are to enter the answer to the question under Answer column.

13. Under the location box, select and enter your location under Country/region and ZIP code.

14. There is a character CAPTCHA, which you will be expected so that you will prove that you are not a spam or robot.

15. There is an Optionally, check Send me email with promotional offers from Microsoft. Click I accept.

Now you have successfully opened a new Outlook.com account.

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