NYSC Notice To 2016 Batch A Corps Members With Missing Names

We have been receiving much complains from those who have not seen their names on the 2016 NYSC BATCH A Senate List, so we are here to help. Now this is a Notice To Prospective Corp Members 2016 Batch A Whose Names are Missing Online. This is What To Do If Your Name is not in online.

rp_NYSC-Batch-B-2013-Passing-Out-Parade.jpgWhen you are done checking the NYSC portal and you do not find your name on it, and you are quit sure that you are qualified for service. Below, i have written down the various steps to undertake to aid you before the uploading of names stop at the end of the month. you are therefore advise to take the necessary step to see to the correction.
  When you get to the NYSC verification portal, you are expected to select the following

1. institution –

2. matriculation Number

3. Surname, and lastly select the date, month and year of birth before clicking on search.

When you are done with that, you are to you receive a message like this “No record found, Contact your school for verification of the approved list” instead of your name and information, you should consider the following and go back to your school for correction.

1. Maybe your school is yet to upload your names or your department has not uploaded yet, becasue if they have not, your name wouldn’t be there
2. If your are checking with the wrong matriculation number or reg number different from the one your school use in uploading your name.
3. Maybe your school name is different from the one you are using. your school may see your first name as last name and last name as first name. first name means your own name and while last name means your father’s or surname. When the school upload your name as your surname and you run a search with your surname you will not see your name
4. Invalid JAMB Number: this has cause so many problem, maybe your JAMB number is not valid. some school pre degree or pre science is the means of getting admission into the school without JAMB, If you did you would have a problem because the JAMB Number will be invalid.
5. Failure to Validate JAMB Number can also give a problem, when you have regularize your JAMB number because of the problem of invalid JAMB number and you refuse to go to JAMB to Validate your JAMB number on their Database you will experience this same issue. sometime your did not follow your mate to service when they are going and after 8 years you then wish to service and you did not go to JAMB to validate the JAMB number you wont found you name at the NYSC verification list.
6. When you registered your JAMB and you use a different name in the JAMB and while you were registering for your school that is another serious problem.

NOTE: Please do note that the above issue can be resolved if you notice it on time and that is when your name is not on the NYSC verification list. So quickly visit your school and complain to them for necessary correction.

2016 Batch A Corps Members With Missing Names

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