NYSC Camp Requirements : Things You Must Take Along To NYSC Orientation Camp

NYSC Camp Requirements- For all those who have been enlisted for the Batch B Stream one of NYSC, I say a big congratulations. Though your names might have come out like my friend Chris, there are some things or rather requirements that you must take along to the Orientation camp. Else you will find yourself in a pitiable Bismarck Bismark.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that i am writing this article based on the personal effects you are taken to camp. Nope. I have been there before you and i am writing this so that you will understand what exactly you should take there. Some persons like my very good brother friend,”Nicholas Elogwu” came to the camp and was asked to go back and get some of the requirements that was needed. Thanks to God that he was able to call someone to send it through a courier service to him on time. So you can avoid this delima by just going through this.

When we talk about NYSC Camp Requirements, they simply mean the things You Must Take Along To NYSC Orientation Camp, which are very compulsory and you will not even be registered in NYSC Camp if you don’t have them with you. This is the main reason i have decided to put up this article. Well for those who will wish to know the kind of personal effects that they could take along, don’t worry, in another article for the other streams, i will publish that. But for now, this is what you sure need.

The failure to take these important documents along with you, will deny you participation in the orientation course.

Below are the list of the requirements for registration at NYSC Camp, you need to take care of this first before you start thinking of what to eat, what to wear, etc. No matter what you do, ensure you have them before you embark on your journey. Do not hurriedly take clothes and forget your certificates because you can still get food and clothes over there but not your certificates.

Official NYSC Camp Requirements :

 1. You are to take along with you your final year Student ID Card

 2. Your Notification of Result from your School (Original and Photocopies) are very important.

 3. Then you must carry along with you Passport Photograph (Take as many copy as you can but you will only need a few)

 4. You are to come along with your original call-up letter (This will be taken and not returned to you, take photocopies along too).

When you get to the camp, the various forms that will be given to you and attach your passport are very easy to fill. You are to make sure you fill them correctly. Where you are confused, ask questions. When you are done with your registration, you will be given your State Code Number. Your state number is like your PIN and you will be using it all through your Service Year.

Congrats once more.

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