NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration Requirements

NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration Requirements

I am here to help clear the air ways for those who must have been asking for the procedures which are  involved for the NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration and its Requirements.

rp_NYSC-Batch-B-2013-Passing-Out-Parade.jpgPlease note that i was not the one who made this up but it is actually coming from the coffers of the National Youth Service Corps Board which states that all potential corps members, i.e. Nigerians who have graduated from Universities and Mono/Polytechnics both at home and abroad should be vividly informed that the NYSC On-line registration portal will surely be opened. Now the purpose for this article is to make sure that all prospective corps members register for NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration.
Like i have said before, these documented are from the NYSC BOARD.  So Please take note of the following documented procedures involved in registration.

NYSC 2016 Batch A Online Registration Requirements

The first thing is to log on to the official portal of NYSC. This i have arranged below.


Your registration could be done at any of these aforementioned website.

Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Graduates

Right below, all potential applicants can read and view the necessary basic requirements information for them to be eligible registration and mobilization.

1. All potential Corps members who will be applying should ensure that they have a functional e-mail addresses with a valid password and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers which is one of the many requirements for registration.

2.For prospective corps members who schooled in Nigeria, they must as a matter of fact use their correct JAMB and Matriculation numbers to do their registration.

3. For graduates who obtained their degree certificate here in Nigeria, and only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions to the NYSC board, will be those who will have access to the NYSC portal for due registration.

4. Now, this is very important. Because many applicants in the past have fallen victim of this. Please all Prospective corps members should make sure that their institutions and Courses they did in their respective higher institutions are approved and accredited by the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC), National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) or Federal Ministry of Education (FME), or else they stand the 100% chance of losing their mobilization.

5. At this point the following documented procedures are meant for those who schooled outside the country and are citizens of the country. They are expected to visit the NYSC portal for registration and make sure they upload the following documents:

A. Off course they should have the West African School Certificate(WASC) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings).

B. The should have the General Certificate of Education which is the GCE O’ Level with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings

C. Applicants must have  NECO with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings

D. Interested applicants must have First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate. Please  Second Degree or Ph.D are not necessary for this exercise.

E. They must as a matter of necessity make available their Transcript of the first Degree or HND.

F. They must have their International traveling Passport showing data page and date of departure available also.

6. Please, applicants who studied in non-English speaking countries to make sure that they get their Certificates and Transcripts translated into English language before they upload it.

7 . Now this concerns the graduates of Medicine and Pharmacy.They are expected to ensure they have their Certificates of Registration with the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (NMDCN) and Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN).

8. Please all potential Foreign-graduates and applicants should not visit NYSC Headquarters, Abuja for verification of their documents as it was done in the past. From what we have confirmed, they will have to do the verification of their documents at the at the Orientation Camps.
But all the foreign applicants should make sure that they print their call-up letters on-line and make sure they report on the day requested at the Orientation camps in their States of deployment.

NYSC 2015 Batch B Online Registration Requirements

9. Please all applicants should note this. That for anyone who should present any fake document will be demobilized and decamped with immediate effect.

10. All Prospective applicants are to make sure that it is their correct passport size photograph that is captured and used  during registration process.

11. Please and please ensure that at on no account or situation should prospective applicants are to register by PROXY. Thee reason for this is that the same finger used for their biometric capturing at the registration station will also be  used for data verification at the orientation camp.

12. For all those interested applicants who want their call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters on-line are expected to pay a compulsory sum of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000.00). The payment procedures are in the webpage i gave you before.

13. For interested applicants who do not want to pay the N3,000.00 will have to go to their schools to collect their call-up numbers and call-up letters manually.

17. For the Married female prospective corps members, they are expected to upload the copies of their marriage Certificate, evidence of Change of name and their husband’s place of residing during registration procedures.
So should in case they want a deployment, they will be granted a special consideration.

18. Pregnant and nursing mothers, will not be accommodated at the orientation camps. So please all Prospective corps members or applicants who fall into this category are therefore informed that they will not be accommodated.

Let me sound this warning my friends. If there is anything that will give you problem is when all your documents are not inline with each other. So Please while you do your registration, do make sure that your documents are inline with each other. The names that appears on your Degree certificate should be the exact name appearing on all of your other documents. With Expection in cases where you have a written letter from the court or newspaper avert attesting to the change of name in a particular document.
From our Team, we say a big success.

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