NYSC 2016 Batch A Mobilization Fraud Alert

NYSC 2016 Batch A Mobilization Fraud Alert – This is coming from the management of NYSC which have released a disclaimer on the NYSC official Facebook page for prospective 2016 Batch A corp members. On this ground, all  graduates as well as members of the general public are hereby informed about this development.



Read the release below:

The attention of the NYSC Management has been drawn to the activities of some hackers sending messages requesting prospective Corps members to go and check their states of deployment online.
They refer their victims to a link and ask them to enter their login details as well as choices made during their online registration.

Management wishes to inform prospective Corps members that posting to states of deployment has not commenced; but will be done at the appropriate time in line with our laid down processes.

The so-called “link” being sent to prospective Corps members is handiwork of cyber criminals and should, therefore, be disregarded.

Prospective Corps members are particularly warned not to make payments for posting or change of posting as that is clearly the motive of the cyber criminals.

Management will inform prospective Corps members as soon as their posting letters are ready for printing online or delivery to their various institutions of graduation.
While assuring the public that the situation is fully under control, we shall continue to take measures to safeguard the integrity of the Mobilization process.

NYSC 2016 Batch A Mobilization Fraud Alert