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 Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 – Now i have decided to make this publication not because the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 is out but because i want to ensure that i give a proper gulidlines so that those who may want to apply for it wont find it difficult to do so.

 I could still remember that before the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2016/2017 came out, i did an initial publication like this and many persons called to thank me for it. As at now, there is no concrete date on when the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 will be starting but i am assuring you that it will surely start and when the time comes, i will be making a first publication on that. All you need to do is to is to drop your email on the comment box and when the recruitment starts, i will email you directly. navy

You can click the link above and apply for the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment 2017

please ensure you read through this publication carefully because i will be giving us the criterial and requirements that will be needed for the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018. Last time, the major issues many faced was that they could nit provide some of the documents needed not because they don’t hsve it but because they could not provide it at that time because of time factor and that is why i am going to list out all the requirements needed for the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 so that all intending applicants can go on get them ready before the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 starts.

Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018 Requirements

 As i have promised before now, below are the list of all the requirements should be provided by any intending applicants who would want to by the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017. Below the requirements are stated as follows.

1. Interested applicants are expected to have any of the following educational and/Professional qualifications. West African School Certificate/Senior Secondary School Certificate, General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level, WAEC City and Guilds or London City and Guild, Ordinary National Diploma (OND).

 2. Prospective applicants are to produce their primary school leaving certificate.
And also all prospective applicants are to note that the entry requirement into the following categories is SSCE or equivalent: B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 C1, D1, D2, D4, D5, D6, E1, E2, E3, E4, F1, G, H.

3. For applicants with a higher educational/professional qualification, such as HND, BA,/BSC etc which has not been stated in paragraph 1 (a-g) are not apply. Please be very careful in producing your documents because if Candidates should declare false education/professional qualification then they will be prosecuted and disqualified respectively. Such an offense will attract an outright withdrawal or dismissal.

4. The the age limit for applicants is between the age limit of 18 – 21 years at the time of obtaining the Nigeria Navy Recruitment Form for school certificate holders. For applicants with higher qualifications e.g. Nurses, NCE, are expected to be at the age of 24 years.

 All applicants must be unmarried because for applicants who are married wont be accepted.

 All prospective applicants before they are admitted must provide a print out of a “consent Form” from Parent/Guardian and Local Government attestation form.

 All prospective applicants should note that they must be Nigerian by birth before they can apply.

 The underlisted challenges are liable to disqualify anyone from applying for the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018.

 1. Short sight

 2. Ear problem

 3. Previous orthopedic operation

 4. Flat foot

 5. Below the required height (Male 1.70, female 1.67)

 6. Fracture

 7. Stammering, or any natural disability

Please note that all candidates and  applicant who has been convicted by any court of law on criminal charges are not eligible to apply.

                       Documents Required for Nigeria Navy Recruitment

While coming to the recruitment center, all prospective applicants are to provide the following documents because they are very much needed.

1. To provide Applicants Photocopy of Birth Certificate or Age Declaration from a high court.

2. Applicants are to provide Photocopies of all their Credentials which should include Letter of Identification that is duly signed by Chairman or Secretary of the candidate’s LGA or by an officer of the rank of Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) or Equivalent and above from candidate’s State of Origin.

3. A Duly completed Parent Consent form to be signed by Candidate’s Parent or Guardian.

4. Provide Four passport photographs duly signed and stamped by (C) above. The completed application form is to be submitted online.

NOTE FROM THE NIGERIAN NAVY: Please all applicants are to note that The Nigeria Navy representatives  warn any candidate who is suspected to have impersonated or must have submitted any false document shall be disqualified with subsequent prosecution of the applicant. For more details click on the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017, you are to click here

  Please if you would want to have a first hand information on the Nigeria Navy Recruitment 2017/2018, please reach me via the comment box and ensure you drop your email adress.

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