New Vehicle Registration – How to Register New Car In Nigeria

How to Register New Car In Nigeria: For those who just bought their vehicle which you have been dreaming of,  congratulations though, but just as the Nigeria law have it, you cannot be able to use this vehicle without going for new car Registration, so this is reason we decided we you how to register a new vehicle in Nigeria. flag
 The very importance of this message on new vehicle registration, is to help save your new vehicle from the handles of Nigeria law enforcement agency whose task is to catch who to impound their new car due to lack of its registration in Nigeria.

       Documents Needed for New Car Registration In Nigeria

The following documents listed bellow are what you will require when you want to go and register your new car.
 1. Proof of ownership of the new car.
 2. Receipt or invoice of purchase.
 3. Attestation letter from the company of purchase.
 4. A valid and current driver’s license.
 5. National identity card or its equivalence.
 6. Current residential address Your passport photograph.
 There are disparity For a cars that are newly imported into the country, the following should be added to the documents listed above.
 1. Tax Identification Number.
 2. Custom papers (This is to show that the car has been cleared by the customs duty).
 3. Motor vehicle Duty Certificate.

                        Procedures For New Vehicle Registration

 1. Go to state Board of Internal Revenue/Motor Licensing Authority (SBIR/MLA), there you are to pick up an allocation of plate Number form and fill in the details required.
 2. Make sure ti attach all necessary documents and submit.
 3. You will be required to fill some other forms the once listed bellow if the authority is satisfied.
 4. form for Allocation of Registration Number of new car.
 5. Auto vehicle License form Form
 6. Federal Road Safety Form (FRSC)
 7. Tax form

 The forms after been well filled and verified, will be forwarded to a police officer who is assigned to the licensing officer for proper verification. At this point in time, immediately and the verification is finished and the forms and documents satisfy the requirements, stamp and dates will be indicated on the forms.

After the normal verification of documents and all that involves paper requirements have been verified,  the next step is the payment for license plate number which is always done in the bank. This will cost you about #50,000 Naira depending on the kind of plate you would like to have.

Immediately after making your payment, if you present the receipt used to pay for the plate, it will be issued to you. Though this some times delays a bit. Along side the plate, you will also be given proof of ownership Certificate number, proof of ownership Certificate and vehicle Identification Tag (VIT).

En sure take back all the original documents which you submitted earlier.

 The final step now is to buy insurance policy for your new car if you so wish. And i will prefer you should go for a third person insurance.
 That’s all you need on How to Register New Car In Nigeria