Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account /

I no many people might not have used this social media platform before and that is the reason i have set up this article to help you meet with that dream relationship you have desired for.
On this tutorial,i will be teaching you on how to go about your Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account. Just before i go ahead and teach you how to register your meetup account, it should be noted that the Meetup registration of account account can only be created in their official website at m2

According to our surveys and recent research work by our team of experts, the Meetup has been confirmed abd described by many users as being perfect for organizing local groups around specific interests, There are meetups centered on just about everything you can think of, ranging from music to hobbies, and get-togethers are almost always open to newcomers of Meetup.

The platform of get-together as it where, makes it a perfect and very easy for the new users exploring an interest and making new friends at the same time.
 The Meetup Platform provides their users with a range of features to a degree of variety of resources to facilitate organizing of groups, (a “Meetup” or “Meetup Group”), and creating of a network (“Meetup Everywhere”).

Who is Eligible for Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account

Well according to its official registration and sign up, the Meetup platform is available to all individuals who are at least 18 years of age. But it should also be noted that Meetup is not available to any temporarily or indefinitely suspended Meetup users.
For those who are interested in joining millions around he world by signing up with the, are hereby notified that they represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age. Additional eligibility requirements for a particular Meetup Group or Meetup Everywhere may be set by the organizer, co-organizer, or assistant organizer of the Meetup Group (an “Organizer”) or creator (“Creator“) or host (“Host”) of the Meetup Everywhere.

Steps for Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account.

  1. You have to Visit Meetup official website @
 Click on Sign up, at the upper side of your browser. You will see this form.


Enter your Name, Your Email Address and your Password.

 Then click on the Sign up button.

 3. Here you are required to provide a little more information about yourself. like your Age, your Gender either female or male, your country, and your city. Click on Next then you will see Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account / Requiring you to upload your picture.

  Please NOTE that  you can skip it to upload it later or you upload it right away and then you will be sent an email with this notification note Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account /
 Now you arec expected to go to that your Email Address which you used and confirm your Meetup Registration / Create Meetup account free