Meet Most Ugliest Woman In The world –

You cant believe why she went to photoshop to do this. Well lets see the pictures of the  Most Ugliest’ Woman In The world.


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The World Ugliest girl who turned 26-year-old was born with a rare disease that makes her blind in one eye and prevents her from gaining weight. Lizzie told Fox News how her life was transformed at age 17 when she came across a video of  ‘the world’s ugliest woman.’ When Lizzie watched the clip, she was frightened to find out that the said ugliest woman in the video was her. “There were thousands and thousands of awful comments, all along the lines of: the world would be a better place if I weren’t in it. Each comment I read I felt like someone was physically putting their fist through the screen and punching me. I always knew I wanted to show those people that they weren’t going to define me. I didn’t want the definition of me that they were creating to become my truth.”

 Most Ugliest Woman In The world

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