Make Cheap And Free Calls On MTN Network –

                              Make Cheap And Free Calls On MTN Network –

So many people have been clamouring about the fact that some persons are enjoying free and cheap calls from MTN Nigeria while they are not enjoying such a luxury. Well today, i am taking my time to analyse this issue and teach us how we can do that. But there are various factors that needs be considered before embarking on this. You must know that MTN Nigeria has lots of packages and plans which ranges from True Talk, Beta Talk etc. mtn

 Now these plans do have their own bonuses and therefore should be considered before applying for the co called free and cheap calls.That means, you should not expect the free package allotted to true talk on the Mtn Beta Talk.

With this i am going to be teaching, you can engage in making unlimited MTM to MTN calls for one week for as low as one a hundred and fifty naira (#150).

Procedures And Requirement.

 This process is simple and cheap. Recharge your line with two hundred
naira (#200) airtime and dial *142#

 This is what will happen next. Mtn will send you a message and two options will be given to you. br /> 1. Pay #40 and enjoy
FREE MTN to MTN calls daily (It’s
#50 for some people)

 2. Another package is this. Just Pay #150 and enjoy FREE MTN to MTN calls for 7 days (It’s #200 for some people)
Answer 1 or 2 then SEND and the amount will be deducted from your account. Immediately the amount is deducted from your account, you will receive a
message from MTN that reads thus br /> Hello, you can now call MTN to
MTN numbers for as long
as you like. #150.00 (or #200.00 as the case may be)
access fee has been deducted from your account. Offer valid for 7 days.

That’s all hat is needed for this exercise. If you can actually follow the instructions i have documented above, then you are sure on your way to enjoying the free and cheap services MTN Nigeria offers.

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