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Possibly it was true when christopher Uzorma said that “www.twitter.com is the most widely used social messenger app after face on planet earth.
Well, it is no surprise to say that  Twitter is one of the most patronize websites around the globe.

You maybe wondering what the Twitter social messenger is? Well, that’s why am writing this article.

I will sharing with you, what twitter is all about and how you can easily register and download twitter messenger app. twitter

Twitter as it were,  is an online social
network service that could and can help it’s users around the globe to send and
read  messages  called “Tweets”.

For me, one of the most important thing I get to enjoy with my Twitter account is its daily news get from different news agencies. So the Twitter messenger app is a place where you can get the latest
breaking news, have you and your friends connected.

According to survey, Twitter users are over 500 million users, on that, about  284 million persons are active users on a daily basis. Actually, the Twitter account is just not hard to get involve with. The twitter messenger app is about following other people and then making then to follow you at  will so that they could feel how what you do that will be if you choose to share your experience.

Opening a free twitter account is as easy as taking your breakfast coffee in the morning.  So I will be sharing with you how you can open a free Twitter account. All you need do is follow the simple steps I have documented below.

How to Register free Twitter account

1. Log into www.twitter.com

2. Then you are to click on the “Sign up now” menu.

3. You will be requested to enter your full Name, Email Address, Username
and Password. Please make sure you use a password you can always remember.

4.  At the Cpacha menu, you must verify that you are human and that you not a robot. This will be completed by. completing the Captcha box. You will be expected to Type in the word that appeared in the box.

5. You are now to click Create my account.

6. Now, at this stage, Twitter will definitely show you a list of popular people that would follow.
You are to choose at least five people to follow and then you must click “Next”.

7. By these few simple  steps, You have finally been registered to your new Twitter free account.