1. charles Gabriel says:

    how long does it take to merge a person after providing help

  2. since 26th I provided help to this forum and since den I have not being merged and today is 29th

    • Ogumka Innocent says:

      his was what they sent recently. ” Dear member, is quite unfortunate that we have slowed down in matching members recently. This is because, out of, about 10,850 members that have joined the system, about 3400 have declined to pay to the beneficiary they are matched to. This have caused a serious problem in the system as this seriousness 3400 have been matched already . Because of this, we are redesigning the system to avoid this problem in the future. Again, a lot of members are complaining about the “Auto Re-entry” feature which automatically creates new matrix for as soon as you are matched with two members. We are also modifying to this feature also. We are 80% done with the modifications. When we are done with the modifications, we will disable the registration and login pages for few hours in to affect the changes”.
      So be patience.

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